this my new transformer from the movie ROTF.

Pros: flexible body and tail
Snapping jaws!

Con: It doesn't !YET! transform well but I'm working on that
should I post it or not????
thank you

dont forget to suscribe
post it please
Cool! I'm guessing you really like transformers! :-)
well nooooooo
well yeeeeeeeees. :-)
well yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhh i mean well nnnnnooooo
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!! :-P
so tornado still wrecking villages and stuff hows the hurricanes treatn ya
Ow i've destroyed quite a few city's in my time. Last month I threw a cow half a mile. The hurricanes have backed out of my way because of my superiority. :-)
what ashame for that cow you threw but that explains when a cow hit the side of my house so that knight we hade beef burgers
I knew there was something suspicious about that cow. The other day I picked up a house and threw a few metres. The funniest thing is that the dog inside was asleep the whole time. After that I caught another dog which "marked his territory" on me. I was cleaning myself for three days.
yeah? well that dog must of needed a p*** really bad
Man I can still smell the order. The wind doesn't like to get into the washing machine.
stupidist conversation EVAR !!!!
U just Jellyu that I'm a tornado! :D
you're an apple. brrrrrr. lehlehlehlehlehle lelelehleleh...
You're an apple!
Knife !
You're an Apple!
hey To-Ney-Do ! hey To-Ney-Do ! To-Ney-Do ! To-Ney-Do ! To-Ney-Do ! hey To-Ney-Do ! come on ! To-Ney-Do !
You're an Apple!
By the way thank you for my 800TH COMMENT!!!!!!!
you're right i really like em
opps didn't do the pics in the last one here is mine it's a little different. 1 gun and the head is different.
sorry for the late reply but i (think) the end of the head were 3 snowflake connectors and the middle had a green rod which was connected to the body. very nice job though that you created a face yourself
heres mine
I like it. How does the head attatch to the body? YAh nice though. I forget in the movie what does this guy transfrom into? Didn't he like come from a meteor.
I think I can build this with just these pics I'm going to try
very nice plz post and ill make!!!
come on stop teasing us it only takes 3 minutes to put it on you dont have to show us it from scratch just show us the legs then the tail then head
thats kooooool!!!
here can you please post instructions i try to build it from pictures but i cant because i also made that thin guy with the red eye you now that come out of its mouth and it looks way cool
meh, i dont use my knex that often
thanks everyone for looking, commenting and suscribing soon i'll post how 2 make the face... i'm really busy and I guess you can make the rest of him by these pic's
Wow thats beast!<br><br><br>
thank you so is your bumblebee many thanks for posting him<br>
Dude I built it in 1:30 mins and it is awesome! P.S. This is really cool and thx for <br>your reply on BB. :)
Post these instructables Id like to build it because it looks cool
decent i say whay not and post it
post please 5*s <br>

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