Knex Desert Eagle





Introduction: Knex Desert Eagle

About: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)

here is my new pistol i made
i used a new innovated mechanism
to load the gun jou first have to pull the barrel to the front so you can putt a white rod in it
i also used a well placed innovated trigger (also used on my side action pistol on
pros and cons:
it's innovate
used a innovated slide trigger
looks good
comfy handle
pretty powerfull like 30 feet

the bullit can fall out the gun
it has no sight
it used one small rubberbands
used one modfided piece

go to the first step

Step 1: The Back Side+handle+trigger

t follow the pics and you should be able to build it

Step 2: Build the Front

just follow

Step 3: How to Fire

little guide to fire it
slide the barrel to the front
insert a white rod
pull the slide back
aim and shoot



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    Could you please upload or re-upload the instructions for the slide action pistol with the removable mag? It looked awesome but it says that it can't find the instructions...

    hey , looks good do you have to pull the slide forward?

    Waar heb je dat blauwe rare ding vandaan????
    Voor de rest een van de coolste de op deze site

    leuk man goed gedaan je bent dutch toch zo te zien aan je naam

    yer i'm part way through making it and it doesn't work when i put the firing rod in from another gun is doesn't work, so unless this issue id resolved with later attachments i'm going to dismantle it.

    Awsome! Best Deagle on the site!

    piece list please?

    "Bullit" is bullet.........just saying.


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    Ok, i was just letting him know so he could fix it.


    this isnt a deagle but its a good gun


    I have an innovated solution, quit saying innovated

    yee they ruin the look of it
    but, there are for a reson. just put them on

    I was thinking the same :P