K'nex Desert Eagle Instructions





Introduction: K'nex Desert Eagle Instructions

these are the insrtuctions to make my desert eagle.

Step 1: Piece Count

white: 8
yellow: 39, one can be broken for comfort -> 2 tabs of, see pic
green: 7
red: 11, 2 broken -> one tab of
l-grey: 3
orange: 12, 2 broken -> one tab of
d-grey: 3

grey: 0
red: 0
yellow: 0
blue: 1
white: 40
green: 75
bendy grey l: 0
bendy yellow l: 1
bendy blue l: 0
bendy white l: 2

y-connector: 7
bal joint: 4

Step 2: The Handle

note the 3 broken pieces:
2 orange connectors, one tab of
1 broken yellow, optional. It's for comfort

pic 1: handle without plates on, it's not that hard
pic 2: sorry for blur; backside of handle
pic 3: sorry for blur; front of handle
pic 4: handle plates

Step 3: Main Body,

pic 1: what you will make, finished body
pic 2: top of backside, you see the top from the trigger and hammer
pic 3: top of front, it's hollow
pic 4: trigger and hammer

Step 4: Outer and Inner Panels

pic 1 + 2: outer panels
pic 3: inner panel
pic 4: close up of front part

Step 5: BUILDING !

yay! the most fun part!

pic 1: get body and handle
pic 2: attach trigger guard
pic 3: get 2 white rods
pic 4: insert white rods in holes as shown, the click the front and back red connectors in. i used broken, so it was easier to make instructions. don't use them if you don't have any broken rods
pic 5: attach orange connectors
pic 6: what you should have
pic 7: get handle plates
pic 8: attach as shown
pic 9: same
pic 10: get these rods, but get one more
pic 11: get inner panel
pic 12: put the inner panel in the front part, with the front green connector behind the most front yellow connector, then insert the white rods as shown
pic 13: insert 2 white rods as shown
pic 14: get outer panels
pic 15: put as shown on the white rods
pic 16: same
pic 17: how the front should look
pic 18: how the back should look
pic 19: get these, they are the sights
pic 20: click it in...
pic 21:... then rotate it backwards
pic 22: click it in...
pic 23: ... then rotate it frontwards
pic 24: get 3 bands
pic 25: trigger band
pic 26: note the band on the gray/yellow connector, it's the handle band
pic 27: how the band must go on the back of the handle
pic 28: and how it shlould end on the gray/yellow connector
pic 29: front-sight-band
pic 30: how the bands are held

Step 6: END, and Your Creations.

please rate and tell me what you think.
you can also put pictures of you desert eagle here, and i will include them in this step!



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    i built ur gun but i didnt have any bendy so i modiefied it but its a good gun

    sorry but I dont like the handle is impossible

    Love the tags, wouldn't be able to find this gun easily with them, but funny as heck!

    Hehehe, glad you like them ;) Though I see now that the most tags are one big one, need to change that.