this is my desert eagle, credit goes to the_burrito_master for the shooting system, it is a VERY big pistol compared to other knex pistols, i tried to make it as realistic as porrible, also it has good power(same as the moretti) it gets a good 50feet i guess, never tested that. should i post or not? depends totally onto the people that COMMENT(for those who don't understand this means you have to comment :p)

sorry for the bad light.

the piece on top of the gun(grey rod-orange connector-red rod) is just to give you an idea of how long the gun is.
how many times should i say POST?????POST POST POST POST POST
this isn't that good,....
it looks good with the rubber bands plus this is a gun thats hard to model
Meh, I prefer my d. eagle (although it doesn't shoot)
it dosent look liek a gun and is the triger a coat hanger? but with such a big mag it holds a lot of ammo so i give it jugging by the pics and comments 2.5 and i think im being genorus
change the look of the gun other than that it looks quite powerful<br>
FAIL.<br>Make it smaller, the handle... just sucks, make it a bit slanted, not vertical and make the gun smaller.
The desert eagle's a big gun. It is just about right.
anyway it's a nice gun dude <br>good work! <br>:D
why do people say Deagle or deagle <br>its called a Desert Eagle and if you shorten it you should say D'Eagle or at least D.Eagle
I think this needs a little more work if it is to stand a chance against the current desert eagle guns. The handle and the body should definitely be shortened! Oh and don't post this as a desert eagle because since the only way it looks similar to a DE is the fact that it's a pistol. The DE is about the same size as KillerK's pistol. BTW does this have a mag?
looks just like a deagle dupid
This is not much compared to most others, such as redrum0777. Dupid.
I haven't seen a lot of Deagles yet. Pretty much is the USP 45 by entenie is the most realisti, I mean look at it.
&nbsp;lol, you don't have a clue. you think it looks realistic, but its not even a USP-45, its a sig-saoerr. he thought the pic he was building from was a usp.
&nbsp;SORRY&gt;&gt;I didn't explain it carefully that I liked the realism of the SHAPE of the gun and I accidentally placed it in the same sentence. And what is a saoerr.
<p>Saurr, souerr, whatever, you know the pistol?</p>
&nbsp;NO I don't, SOUR&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;lol
Well whatever, FTR, its a type of pistol.
not in the state its in. 1. make it smaller 2. put a mag on it 3.tilt the handle 4.after your done post
not that bad, but you need the slanted handle.
It doesn't look like a desert eagle and besides that, all real guns have slanted or slightly slanted handles. Not straight.
redrum0777's deagle doesnt look like one either but his at least has a slanted handle
ya sry but uhhhh doesnt lok like a deagle cause redrum0777 is just a lil better then urs bro!
Post it please
you deleted the comments criticizing it. how so very sad. he wasnt being mean, just stating that it doesnt really look like a Deagle.
it stands for dessert eagle
<strong>dessert</strong> eagle?!?!?!? does that means you want to eat an eagle along with ice cream on the side?<br/>
obviously, lol
i never saw a comment on this instructable saying it doesn't looks like one, i also checked my email which doesn't contain that <em>comment</em><br/>
Oh really now?
he did wath?
hahahaha lol that is funny.
it looks more like an IMI Desert Eagle than redrum0777's D. Eagle
looks cool post
why is the rating so bad if it looks so cool??? just asking
ok but why are you telling me that?
dont think hes held a real desert or seen 1, just in games -.- thats y
if i wos replyed to u i would if said dont think uve, so i wos replying to the maker of the "desert egal" more like a over grown glock..
me or the dude who made this gun?
is that slide action? if so:
The handle is wwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too big. Make it smaller and then post. :D

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