K'nex Desert Eagle




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Introduction: K'nex Desert Eagle

this is my desert eagle, credit goes to the_burrito_master for the shooting system, it is a VERY big pistol compared to other knex pistols, i tried to make it as realistic as porrible, also it has good power(same as the moretti) it gets a good 50feet i guess, never tested that. should i post or not? depends totally onto the people that COMMENT(for those who don't understand this means you have to comment :p)

sorry for the bad light.

the piece on top of the gun(grey rod-orange connector-red rod) is just to give you an idea of how long the gun is.



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    how many times should i say POST?????POST POST POST POST POST

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    it looks good with the rubber bands plus this is a gun thats hard to model

    Meh, I prefer my d. eagle (although it doesn't shoot)

    it dosent look liek a gun and is the triger a coat hanger? but with such a big mag it holds a lot of ammo so i give it jugging by the pics and comments 2.5 and i think im being genorus

    change the look of the gun other than that it looks quite powerful

    Make it smaller, the handle... just sucks, make it a bit slanted, not vertical and make the gun smaller.

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    The desert eagle's a big gun. It is just about right.

    anyway it's a nice gun dude
    good work!

    why do people say Deagle or deagle
    its called a Desert Eagle and if you shorten it you should say D'Eagle or at least D.Eagle

    I think this needs a little more work if it is to stand a chance against the current desert eagle guns. The handle and the body should definitely be shortened! Oh and don't post this as a desert eagle because since the only way it looks similar to a DE is the fact that it's a pistol. The DE is about the same size as KillerK's pistol. BTW does this have a mag?

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    This is not much compared to most others, such as redrum0777. Dupid.

    I haven't seen a lot of Deagles yet. Pretty much is the USP 45 by entenie is the most realisti, I mean look at it.

     lol, you don't have a clue. you think it looks realistic, but its not even a USP-45, its a sig-saoerr. he thought the pic he was building from was a usp.

     SORRY>>I didn't explain it carefully that I liked the realism of the SHAPE of the gun and I accidentally placed it in the same sentence. And what is a saoerr.

    Saurr, souerr, whatever, you know the pistol?

    Well whatever, FTR, its a type of pistol.

    not in the state its in. 1. make it smaller 2. put a mag on it 3.tilt the handle 4.after your done post