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K.S.E finished a very import tool for knex agents it's called kdb (knex door bomb) this explosive is very simple and effective when the door hits the block trigger it fires the explosive this weapon is a very good knex spy tool or knex war weapon for inside wars

cons:does not always hit target
pros: small carryable effective

Step 1: Step 1

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make the legs using 1 red 1 blue rod and 1 green connecter then make base using 1 snowflake and 4 tan clips which act as grips on carpet

Step 2: Step 2

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add the base using 1 snowflake and 4 green rods

Step 3: Step 3

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add seven reds on 1 yellow rod

Step 4: Step 4

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make the block trigger 1 grey clip 1 white rod and 1 blue rod and 1 red connecter slide it on then put on 2 red connecters

Step 5: Step 5

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use the empty space on the barrel to hook it on the top base of the stand

Step 6: Step 6

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make the firing pin out of 1 blue rod and 1 grey clip add rubber bands (more you add the harder you have to swing the door open)

Step 7: Step 7

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The ammo yellow rod with blue/silver spacers on it or green rods or 3d connecters with orange connecters on it

Step 8: Your Finished

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YOUR FINISHED now you can be safe during a war in your room


Chikpeas Brother (author)2014-01-09

Cool! I'll have to try this.
Just a tip: You'll get more likes and followers if you improve your picture quality. ^^

stevedude123 (author)2012-02-12

i set this up behind a door and my brother got hit lol :-)

stevedude123 (author)2012-02-12

this is awesome.
nice job.

KnexWarfare (author)2011-11-07

Nice job

conaraptor (author)2010-12-22

How does it work

knexfreak32 (author)conaraptor2011-06-19

it works by when you open the door it hits the block trigger witch in turn releases the ammo

NatNoBrains (author)2010-11-21

lol This is soooo good!

mberg (author)2010-06-23

How does it work? Do you though it? Our do you attach it to the door?

Foyet (author)2010-05-16

I like it it could be used as a gun too.
Check out my knex

Nothing2it (author)2010-03-31

I like it. 4*. Hey check out my rail car, just click this link:

jack691 (author)2009-12-07

you can use this as a gun to

meat grinder (author)2009-11-23

couldnt understand the ammo so im making it into a bouncing bettieill just make it shoot a grenade in the air and mabe a trip wire..

K.S.E (author)meat grinder2009-11-24

if u make the trip wire thing show me a pic kk

meat grinder (author)2009-11-23

put some b.b.s down it.

Pizzapie500 (author)2009-09-03

I liked it sort of, made like 20 mods and now it shoots the ceiling, instead of shooting the enemy

K.S.E (author)Pizzapie5002009-09-10

wat type of ammo are you using because it works for me and from wat i see some more people too

Pizzapie500 (author)K.S.E2009-09-11

I used a yellow rod with a gray connector attacked to it and some silver spacers on top of that, want some pics of it?

Pizzapie500 (author)Pizzapie5002009-09-11

Btw i only did like 5 mods...

K.S.E (author)Pizzapie5002009-09-13

i know im smart enough to figure it out

Pizzapie500 (author)K.S.E2009-09-14

Ok... Just trying to help

Pizzapie500 (author)Pizzapie5002009-09-14

Yours and my ammo is bacicly the same all i did was change the tan connector with a gray connector and took off the y connector

K.S.E (author)Pizzapie5002009-09-13

why didn't u use the ammo i had listed. or were u trying to make better ammo for it??

lord voldamort (author)2009-06-24

If you were spying on someone why would you kill them?

K.S.E (author)lord voldamort2009-06-24

Well incase you were hacking into a computer put this next to the door arm it and when they open the door bam! just to keep you safe during a mission

lord voldamort (author)K.S.E2009-06-24

oh ok

problem with that though is its umm.. kinda made of knex and aint gonna kill them

mr.origami (author)2009-07-31

nice i got my older brothers nine times with it until they figured out to use the broom as a precaution

mr.origami (author)mr.origami2009-08-06


mr.origami (author)mr.origami2009-08-06

oh and five stars

K.S.E (author)mr.origami2009-08-04

i'll try to make somthing different you can use on them kk

randomstake17 (author)2009-08-06

nice it reminds me of a bouncing betty anti- personnel mine.

Bartboy (author)2009-06-24

Or you could put a stopper on the barrel, then put a cap in there.....

bighead5454 (author)Bartboy2009-07-31

or an actual bullet but it might need quite a bit more power

Bartboy (author)bighead54542009-08-01

I made one that could (hypothetically, all I had was an empty shell) Shoot 30:30 bullets.

K.S.E (author)Bartboy2009-06-24

For extra power or somthing

K.S.E (author)K.S.E2009-06-24

i mean are you talking about like cap gun cap or what

Bartboy (author)K.S.E2009-06-24

A cap gun cap, then it makes a loud bang when they enter. Sort of like an alarm?....

An Villain (author)Bartboy2009-07-10

snapper maybe?

arrow shot (author)2009-06-24

I suggest punctuation. Things such as . or maybe ,

K.S.E (author)arrow shot2009-06-24

I will take note on that and if you made it please let me know what you think

King_Banana (author)K.S.E2009-06-27

The irony...

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