Knex Door Lift Instructions





Introduction: Knex Door Lift Instructions

finally here are the instructions for my famous door lift. i hope it's all clear enough and good luck!
sorry for bad quality pictures

part list:
grey rod: 6
red rod: 32
yellow rod: 85
blue rod: 116
white rod: 57
green rod: 152
white connector: 21
blue connector: 34
purple connector: 89
yellow connector: 58
green connector: 11
red connector: 30
grey (2) connector: 22
orange connector: 53
grey (1) connector: 36
tan clip: 21
blue metal clip without pin: 8
black rod end clip: 18
black hinge part: 6
orange clip: 2
spacer: 29
ring: 93
red gear (grey one): 3
blue gear: 3
12v motor + white gear: 1
total: 987

Step 1: The Base

Step 2: The Middle

the middle has two components almost the same.

Step 3: The Top

Step 4: Connect

connect the three parts

Step 5: Pushers

the pushers is the main part of the door lift.
the pushers work from both sides, the side where the motor is, and the other side.

Step 6: Connect the Pushers

connect the pushers with this thing.

Step 7: Gears and Motor

this is the part where the motor drives the door lift.

Step 8: Congratulations!

you just finished the door lift. have fun!
i hope it was clear enough.



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I'm working on a new design for this lift... Instead of the pushers being on the slider rods, I'm working on creating a cart that the pushers roll on. I think it will work with less friction and run smoother... pics soon, I hope.

cool lot of pieces though. :D

Awesome lift! Sadly, it doesn't work well with golf balls because they're too heavy. :(

werkt deze lift ook met big air ball tower balls

Coole lift ik heb hem gebouwd en hij werkt perfect! Ik ga hem gebruiken in mijn volgende knex ball machine.

do you need that motor

no you can use every knex motor that's powerfull enough. otherwise you need to gear it down.


Can I use these pictures for the Official Guide to Ball Machine Lifts?