Picture of knex double shot hand gun
eric pics 056.jpg
eric pics 057.jpg
it has two barrels
very accurate and shoots pretty far about 50 if u but enough rubber bands on
has a scope to
it has a very strong frame and can handle alot of force
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Step 1: Handle

Picture of handle
eric pics 059.jpg
20 red 1/4 circles
6 white rods
4 yellow rods

Step 2: Scope

Picture of scope
2 black/white circles
4 yellow rods
4 small connectors

Step 3: Rams

Picture of rams
eric pics 062.jpg
2 orange connectors
4 gray spacers
2 gray/black rods
2 rubber bands

Step 4: Barrel

11 white rods
40 red 1/4 circles
8 blue spacers
4 double connectors
4 white circles
2 blue circles (with the slot)
2 joint connectors
2 single connectors
two small green rods
pic 6 and 7( same pic ). should have another blue spacer on the bottom rod after the connector

Step 5: Put it all together

Picture of put it all together
eric pics 077.jpg
eric pics 078.jpg
eric pics 079.jpg
eric pics 080.jpg
eric pics 081.jpg
cool gun
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Really nice
extreme builder (author)  jusmis master6 years ago
THE SGT7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
post plz : does it have a true trigger?
(removed by author or community request)
Very Good. Sorry if i have not replied in a long time. Lost track of the whole K'nex thing. Anyway i am back & will be adding my guns i promised. Love this design of this gun though mate! not to sure if it is strong, still if you could tell me how it all works.As That would be great. Thanks for going out your way to make improvements. Always appreciated for all of us! IMPROVEMENT IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING! Later....
Hey thanks man, anyway its a true trigger, and it is very strong (5 layers of rods man!) it is still a work in progress although the question is, should i post it?
(removed by author or community request)
COOL! Keep adding bits to it & taking bits off. You may stumble across something cool. Thats what i do. Make a gun & add bits to it. Eventually you come out with something extreme but works well. Great ideas & a creative mind. Keep it up!
looks kinda like an ak47 good job.
we've got a mental in the house
cool, but how does it have recoil?
looks cool, post soon
cool gun but have you herd of killzone?! well i made the helghast rifle and it fires and it has a removeable clip! i only know how to make a removeable clip sofar i havent met anyone who knows.
extreme builder (author) 7 years ago
cool gun
what is knex?????
04bobby1 jaadmc7 years ago
you idiot
jaadmc 04bobby17 years ago
yea and that was a very intelligent answer
well your an idiot
Shut it i bet you dont even know how to put a kettle on
you dont know what knex are
i do and why dont we just stop arguing ive been playing with knex for 6 years.
sorry rong person LOL
04bobby1 jaadmc7 years ago
YE I KNOW !!!!!!!
y did u comment your own instructables?
sak-j7 years ago
extreme builder (author) 7 years ago
how u do u get a pic i.d. i don't no how
extreme builder (author) 7 years ago
i really like ur ak 47i think u should post it
thanks, just want to see what others think of it too. I will be posting it anyway, but just not sure whether to post this now or my Sniper Rifle. I also have a fully automatic machine gun. Looks like the M16.
does fully automatic mean chain fed?
No it uses a totally different way of firing. I have made lots of guns with a chain used to feed the bullets, That was my mini gun. It has a lot of power too, i have had problems in the past with it jamming but i have solved that problem now. So yes i will post it soon. Still i have to post my other guns i have already made first. then break them up to make the Fully automatic machine gun and maybe i will make the mini gun again.
sak-j7 years ago
Post that guns please
extreme builder (author) 7 years ago
coming soon
eric pics 083.jpg
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