Knex Dragunov Svd




Introduction: Knex Dragunov Svd

this is my entry for the knex sniper rifle contest. right now its almost finished just need to make a scope,frontsight. compared to the real svd its only 5 in shorter. the mag is fake but does remove like a real svd so the clip must be put in frontwards then locked in. so if you have any suggestions leave em in a comment.



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    11 Comments that is a dragonov

    It looks like an M14

    Hmm...kind of the gun im working on now looks more like an m14 although it was supposed to be a galil sniper i should have some pics up of it soon.

    This doesn't look like a real Dragunov... I'm sorry but I don't like it.

    Sorry but this doesnt look like a Dragonov Sniper at all, but it looks pretty cool

    OK, I would say:

    Fill in the stock a little more, but obviously keep it realistic.
    Make it shoot connectors with a pseudo-semi mechanism.
    Add a fake scope.

    Then it should be better.

    not bad! need to look more like it tho.....

    thanks and anything more specific?cause im still experimenting with the hand guard and jsut started on the scope.