this is my entry for the knex sniper rifle contest. right now its almost finished just need to make a scope,frontsight. compared to the real svd its only 5 in shorter. the mag is fake but does remove like a real svd so the clip must be put in frontwards then locked in. so if you have any suggestions leave em in a comment.
https://www.instructables.com/id/Dragunov/ that is a dragonov <br>
It's okay...
It looks like an M14
Hmm...kind of the gun im working on now looks more like an m14 although it was supposed to be a galil sniper i should have some pics up of it soon.
This doesn't look like a real Dragunov... I'm sorry but I don't like it.
Sorry but this doesnt look like a Dragonov Sniper at all, but it looks pretty cool<br />
Doesn't look like a Dragonuv AT ALL. <br />
OK, I would say:<br /> <br /> Fill in the stock a little more, but obviously keep it realistic.<br /> Make it shoot connectors with a pseudo-semi mechanism.<br /> Add a fake scope.<br /> <br /> Then it should be better.<br />
not bad! need to look more like it tho.....<br />
thanks and anything more specific?cause im still experimenting with the hand guard and jsut started on the scope.
no problem! k, kool<br />

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