Knex Easiest Grenades





Introduction: Knex Easiest Grenades

About: hey Im really 10 I make rockets that go over 1000 feet, pull ring smoke bombs,bombs ect Im postig alot of stuff you will love it all! I love famliy guy stewie well take over the world one day!!

this is the easties yet most effetive knex grenade

Step 1: Matrials

you well need:

as many white pieces
max 15

1 rubber band

1 grey rod

Step 2: The Making of the Grenade

makeing the grenade is easy!

Step 3: Makine the Grenade


Step 4: Throw It!

throw it hard



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    dude, we know its faked when it can be flagged

    "Dude", it's a four-year-old post.

    If you are discussing removing my posts I would rather you not. This website was part of my childhood and I do enjoy looking over what I've done before. Thankyou for commenting.

    I dont pay attention to stuff like that

    You know can't try to fool me!

    Cool idea! It really works effectively. (Please do not throw it near your cat. Mine was coming out of the kitchen right when I threw it and it scared the hell out of him)

    7 replies

    XD mine was outside when I threw my grenade, so I spared him the trouble

    One of my frag grenades exploded a foot away from my cat(in my photo) and she stared at me for a sec, and then sheturedinto a blur, racing back ast me.

    Aw, she's cute!

    And, she's older than me! (She's 14 and 1/2.)

    How old are you then? 13? Our "Vlekkie" is 7 years old.

    You say (write) LOL way too much it takes away from the instructable but this is a great grenade anyway such a simple efective design!

    Sorry to say it, but if I see this and a lot of other grenades on the site, I think the community needs some real grenades. Normally I would give it a 1.5, but seeing how hard it is to make a good grenade, 2.0.