this is my endless folding block. it's made out of 8 cubes which are attached at certain places.
I....I FINALLY built it! Hoo damn, you have no idea how hard it was for me to get all the pieces! I've got K'nex all around my house.
Nice! Do you have photo's
well, it pretty much looks like this guy's folding cube.
Ok #^>
That's pretty awesome. Is it actually endless or is there a limit at some point?
no it's unlimited because you fold it in sessions of four folds. so if you have fold the square four times you get the same square as when you started.
So there's no way I could fold this to get it to stop folding?
it goes in some kind of a circle.<br>and you know circles doesn't have ends.....
I see, well you did a great job. The only thing I can really point out is that it looks a bit shaky.
Instructions will come within a month. Then make one yourself and you will see how and why.
That is ridiculously awesome. Great job!
thank you! :^)
Nice idea! =D
cool i would buy these all the time
Thx :-)
This is a neat idea. =D
No problem man.
To bad you didn't enter it in the toy contest.
Huh is there a contest? I didn't know. How do i enter?
Sorry man its already over. That's why I said, &quot;To bad you didn't enter it.&quot; Nice contraption though!

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