Introduction: Knex Extreme Gun

Picture of Knex Extreme Gun

how to make a cool knex gun that is pretty powerful

Step 1: Making the Barrel

Picture of Making the Barrel

follow the picture

Step 2: Making the Rod

Picture of Making the Rod

this will fire the gun

Step 3: Making 1 Side of the Base

Picture of Making 1 Side of the Base

1 side of the base

Step 4: Making Half of the Other Side

Picture of Making Half of the Other Side


Step 5: Making the Other Half of That Side

Picture of Making the Other Half of That Side


Step 6: Balance Bar

Picture of Balance Bar


Step 7: Putting It Together

Picture of Putting It Together

add the to halfs together

Step 8: Ading the Other Side

Picture of Ading the Other Side

its getting there

Step 9: Click It Together

Picture of Click It Together

now put those sides together

Step 10: Adding the Rod to the Gun

Picture of Adding the Rod to the Gun

gun complete......nearly

Step 11: The Rubber Band Position

Picture of The Rubber Band Position

need 1 long band and 1 short follow the pic

Step 12: The Gun Cocked

Picture of The Gun Cocked

its nearly ready

Step 13: Adding the Gun to the Base

Picture of Adding the Gun to the Base

clip it on

Step 14: Firing



dr. richtofen (author)2011-12-30

congratulations! You sir has the lowest rated knex ible there is!

beanieostrich (author)2011-01-29

lets see if it can go below 1*


loubo4 (author)2010-01-10

what rod are you using?

Clan Armstrong (author)loubo42010-05-15

I think It's a gray rod.

KnexFreek (author)2010-03-22

 This is the lowest rated knex gun ever!!!!!!

muffinslayer2 (author)2010-03-17

congratulations! at the time of this post, this is the lowest rated knex gun! yet again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

bannana inventor (author)2008-07-18

I know your just starting out on instructables, but please don't post these simple guns. :D

bannana inventor (author)Mepain2008-07-18

OK I'll admit I posted a bad gun too, but I think everyone on this site has.

I nearly did, but i deleted the slideshow.

~Aeronous~ (author)DJ Radio2010-02-20

THE LEGENDARY DJ RADIO POSTED A BAD KNEX GUN?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/
WTF? (if any of you flaggers are reading it means what the face.)

DJ Radio (author)~Aeronous~2010-02-21

The first knex gun I ever built. 

~Aeronous~ (author)DJ Radio2010-02-22

 ouch. hey I guess I should delete my Ingram Mac-10 yah? its nothing new, has crap trig, only good thing is the mag cap.
should I or shouldnt I?
PS you know how me and tony tricked you into thinking the jackal had been 'jacked'??? I could have gotten you to subscribe.

I havent. they wherent exelent but they where all fine. and not everyone on this site has. i thiink about 30% havent. you have posted some very bad ones too.

my KBK! Stupid block, it was powerful but a block! What was i thinking? :O but also XD

An Villain (author)Skreetsha2009-06-04

flie-ing goose did one almost exactly like it, and i built yours, it was cool. it at least looked nice unlike a lot of other ones. and P.S. that was the first gun i ever built, i rated 5 stars and I will keep it that way.

squarepants (author)An Villain2010-01-04

yeah, its not one of your best i admit, but its one of the best blocks on the site =D. also why is the hawc v1 so lowly rated. I thought it was a great gun.

squarepants (author)squarepants2010-01-10

 sorry =[

An Villain (author)squarepants2010-01-04

reply to viccie not me.

Skreetsha (author)An Villain2009-06-10

Ok, thanks. I like it when people say that type of things :)

An Villain (author)Skreetsha2009-06-10

you're welcome.

 ive only posted one gun-does that mean its bad? :,(

DID I???

jollex (author)bannana inventor2008-07-19

Me too.

ILIKEPIE333 (author)jollex2008-11-28

same here.

bannana inventor (author)jollex2008-07-19

Good, I'm glad I'm really not the only one.

do you think my SPEC-9 was bad?

I have to be honest, it's not bad but it's not good either it's in the middle. Some moddifing would make it way better. Leave me a comment if you deside to mod it. :D

no, I am scrapping it for the AR-4 Commando. the version they are seeing is 1.0, I have announced 1.2, but My gun is already at version 2.0! version 2.0 fixes problems with the ammo, mag, and ram, but the most noticeable thing on the gun is the stock has gotten a makeover...

Cool!!! :D

here's an update. version 2.0 fails to do what I said it did, so I cut the mag and replaced it with a hopper, which gave me room to put a bipod, and I found a workaround on the sight... also the ram has been placed on a rail, but the rail holders keep breaking when I fire, so I'll have to fix it. This also means another redesign on the stock.... overall, version 3.0 is still in construction, but I can't wait to see test results...

Try taping the RAM holder to help it stay on.

the tape just broke off... I'm not gonna put the ram holder there, just the rails...

That never happens to me.

try being a knexer noob who only has made one working gun

Just build other peoples' guns. That is what gave me a bunch of ideas

I ment good, sorry :P

Me too, I was like 4 months long GiveItToMeBeyatch, to check out some guns on the site (especially how you make a true trigger without using the ratchet system), Four months later i became Viccie.B1993 and began posting stuff. Still, my first was a ratchet, Ah well, it made a good impression so it's god :P

like using your mag..

Be that do you mean, "I like using your mag" or "I would like to use your mag in one of my instructables?" Just curious. :D

id like 2 use it...

That's fine with me, just give me credit for it. :D


5 SECS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well anyway, as I was saying you can use it.

DJ Radio (author)DJ Radio2008-07-21

plus, the ammo is stuck in the barrel.....

knexguy (author)bannana inventor2008-07-21

I haven't, mainly because I have only posted one thing :]

just cause they are simple doesnt mean they are bad i dont see any other ones with bases

KnexFreek (author)2009-09-10

is this the #1 lowest rated knex gun?

An Villain (author)KnexFreek2010-02-11

i was going to post that, you have the highest rated knex weapon, congratulations.

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