Step 1: Parts List

Not tape-worm mas big wheels, if you have them uses 8

Step 2: Chassis

Step 3: Rear Wheel Assembly

Step 4: Coockpit

Step 5: Front Wheel Assembly

Step 6: Aileron and Back Top Part

Step 7: Front Aileron

Step 8: Wheels and Others

Nice! favourited :)
<p>You did great dude love the steering mech, I pressed the follow button.</p>
<p>sweet I don't have large wheels but I will build this when I get the parts this f1 is awesome 5*</p>
i built this it is a very good f1 5* brillent the best dude
does it have enought clearence from ground to just use the smaller wheels as i only have 2 of the larger tyers
do u need the springs coz I don't have any<br>
This is DEFINITELY a car I would build if I had the time XD
BEST EVER 5*i would love to build but I dont have the right peices :(
This is INSANE!!! (that is a good thing)!!!
awsome car but what kind of wheels do you use <br>
absolutley amazing. micheal shumacher would be proud. 5*
4* you can see through it 5* if you beafed up the spoiler and stopped it being see through
Nice, I am going to build and upgrade it. 5*
You roll like and alone saying I have 4 and the aileron not as it modify credit if someone constructs one me and puts the photo. Regards and thank you
the base is a buggy from this web but I need more wheels.<br /> <br /> <br /> PD:sorry I&acute;m spanish and my english is very poor.
cool, it looks pretty well! the rear spoiler should be improved. try fat tires (up to 3 tires in line). that's all i can say, gg
Well your English is better than most of the knexers on here who happen to be from America.<br />
ROFL. Seconded. Seconded again.<br /> People who talk in like so;<br /> 'ppl who talk like dis'<br /> Deserve less respect.<br /> All those imperfect spelling and grammar errors. Made me laugh.
Very good first ible!<br />
&nbsp;Awesome! It looks exactly like one!
Why the hell is this under 4 stars?<br /> EHPIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
This is pretty amazing.&nbsp; I like it!
what spoiler? front or rear?<br />
Looks great!&nbsp; The only thing that looks like it needs improving is the spoiler part.<br />
i like it!<br />

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