Knex F1 Suspension and Steering





Introduction: Knex F1 Suspension and Steering

Step 1: Parts List

Not tape-worm mas big wheels, if you have them uses 8

Step 2: Chassis

Step 3: Rear Wheel Assembly

Step 4: Coockpit

Step 5: Front Wheel Assembly

Step 6: Aileron and Back Top Part

Step 7: Front Aileron

Step 8: Wheels and Others



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    25 Discussions

    sweet I don't have large wheels but I will build this when I get the parts this f1 is awesome 5*

    i built this it is a very good f1 5* brillent the best dude

    does it have enought clearence from ground to just use the smaller wheels as i only have 2 of the larger tyers

    BEST EVER 5*i would love to build but I dont have the right peices :(

    This is INSANE!!! (that is a good thing)!!!

    absolutley amazing. micheal shumacher would be proud. 5*

    4* you can see through it 5* if you beafed up the spoiler and stopped it being see through

    You roll like and alone saying I have 4 and the aileron not as it modify credit if someone constructs one me and puts the photo. Regards and thank you

    the base is a buggy from this web but I need more wheels.

    PD:sorry I´m spanish and my english is very poor.

    3 replies

    cool, it looks pretty well! the rear spoiler should be improved. try fat tires (up to 3 tires in line). that's all i can say, gg

    Well your English is better than most of the knexers on here who happen to be from America.

    ROFL. Seconded. Seconded again.
    People who talk in like so;
    'ppl who talk like dis'
    Deserve less respect.
    All those imperfect spelling and grammar errors. Made me laugh.