Knex Famas




Introduction: Knex Famas

hi this is my new knex  famas,this is not the mw2 famas this is the real famas f1. i have said that because  i didnt want noobs saying theirs no underside greanade launcher aka noob tube. because the real famas f1's greanade laucher the greanades a re muzzle loaded.



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Pretty good! Just needs better pics, or a lot more lighting or something!

hi i got a digital camera now do you think i should remake and re post

its goning to take 3 days or so building it all agin

thanks my camera brook had to use my webcam

 Looks more like an AUG...

Uh, you're wrong.

It doesn't have to have an M203 to be a FAMAS. It only does in the default class :p

I DO understand you're point.... FAMAS f1...

you're wrong also, in saying that it can accept an M203

in real life it uses a rifle grenade....

and in real life, you need a clamp to attach a heavily modified version of hte M203 to it, making it not really worth the effort.

The M203 that it can accept needs to be half the size of the real one, making it a rubbish grenade launcher, that is barely used.

Technically, it's MW2 that is wrong. I was merely stating something from the game.