hi this is my new knex  famas,this is not the mw2 famas this is the real famas f1. i have said that because  i didnt want noobs saying theirs no underside greanade launcher aka noob tube. because the real famas f1's greanade laucher the greanades a re muzzle loaded.
Pretty good! Just needs better pics, or a lot more lighting or something!
hi i got a digital camera now do you think i should remake and re post<br />
yes i think u should
yes, you should!
its goning to take 3 days or so building it all agin <br /> <br />
thanks my camera brook had to use my webcam<br />
oh, kk
&nbsp;Looks more like an AUG...<br /> <br /> Uh, you're wrong.<br /> <br /> It doesn't have to have an M203 to be a FAMAS. It only does in the default class :p<br /> <br /> I DO understand you're point.... FAMAS f1...<br />
you're wrong also, in saying that it can accept an M203<br /> <br /> in real life it uses a rifle grenade....<br /> <br /> and in real life, you need a clamp to attach a heavily modified version of hte M203 to it, making it not really worth the effort.<br /> <br /> The M203 that it can accept needs to be half the size of the real one, making it a rubbish grenade launcher, that is barely used.<br />
Technically, it's MW2 that is wrong. I was merely stating something from the game.
but it was you who assumed the game was real ;)<br />
&nbsp;Seriously, I don't think it &nbsp;is. I'm not one to believe everything I see :p<br />
i should have said you implied<br /> <br /> anyway, stop this useless arguing ;)<br />
&nbsp;Truce!<br /> <br /> *handshake*<br />
thanks any ideas on how to make it more like a famas<br />
Pretty good!!<br />
&nbsp;looks good
thanks<br /> <br />
Better pics?<br />
camrae brook had to use webcam and the pictures i did take the admistrator woundnt alow<br /> <br />
not bad!<br />
if i could see it?!<br />
my ditgitl camera brook<br /> <br />

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