it's a knex fan. enjoy. credit to killer~safecracker again
<p>You might want to post instructions. I built a compound gear system (much like the one you have in this fan here), except mine has a system of 3 medium gears turning 3 small gears on 3 different axles. The (fan) blade turns really fast, though the catch is that the turning handle has a tendency to fall off.</p>
<p>why did you make a swastika....</p>
<p>Nice idea... simple design. I think I'll play with this a bit and see what I can come up with.... like use a 12v motor, and bigger blades and actually blow air.... Now my 3 brain cells hurt.... good job</p>
No offence but the white parts you might wanna change
First pic, it looks like a....<br>yeah...
looks like what
A swastika
noooo. its not. umm.. the swatstika isnt made of triangles right? <br>
I was just thinking about the white parts, but nevermind.
Thank you so much for uploading more pics
Your welcome
thank you
no prob

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