Flying v guitar made out of knex its a bass guitar and it can support 5 strings (rubber bands)
It's quite heavy has a tremlo bar (whammy bar). it's very small and uses lots of pieces.
what did u use for the strings
I think he used rubber bands <br> <br>look at picture number three. <br>
pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz POST SOON
You went for the same neck and head layout as me. Its the only way of doing it without lots of rods sticking out of the fingerboard I can think of.
yeh i based the neck and head on yours!! :)
YAY! Don't worry about credit, the designs are sufficiently different (my neck was 7 layers thick!)
heavy!!! :P
*Nods* T'was designed to take real bass strings though. Turns out not even 7 layers was enough to eliminate all bowing.
can you help me with an assault rifle I'm thinking of making???
I'll have to see it/designs of it first.
heres the design
Intended specs? Looks pretty good.
mag erm cool stock like on yours power!!!
Hmm, ok.
completed but mag jams lots and doesn't fire far
Well, post a pic and I'll see what I can do.
here it is!!!
Good design, looks like it would work well. I have an idea for the stock which would make the gun easier to cock. Looks a lot like a SCAR!
modded looklike a 552 commando now lol just need to work on stock to make it look right :D
Sounds good.
pretty powerful lol justs needs a curved mag
If you can get it to work, do, but if it damages the power leave it I'd say.
got a new crossbow, need help making it stronger the barrel bends!!
Try adding layers to it maybe?&nbsp; I can't really do much without a picture.
erm should i make a shotgun will you help with mech ???
Don't really like shotgun mechs, they need to be complex (unless it's a break action) and powerful at the same time.
thinking of a break action
removable mag?
no not enough pieces
scope maybe
ok im making it now lol
erm wow make metal knex :P
i need help on something
What is it?
<p>if i make a new assualt rifle do i have to have a reciver like the dunkis ak 47</p>
Well you don't <strong>have </strong>to do anything...
lol cool guitar
what the heck? is this really a guitar?
You could make a simple gear-ratio tuning mechanism. I'll try that.
i dont really get how you got the rubber bands to stay on the 5 blue pieces at the head stock did you tie em or what! ps to make it a guitar leave the rubberband normal and hook them around the blue pieces you should come up with 2 strings each!
i tied the bands around the blue rods
should I post?
some could post insructable for me.you could build of pics
wow thx :D
Looks great 5*
Awesome!!! 4.5*

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