hello this is my knex fmg 9 

Step 1: Stock

make it and assembly it

Step 2: Body and Handle

this is the body and handle

Step 3: Banding

the rubber bands 

Step 4: How to Use

how to flip the gun open and how to close the gun
Akimbo Fmg-9's, nicknamed "Juggernaut Killers"
I am making it
plz make it fire <br>
Make it fire.
It looks cool, but does it actually fold?
Cool, can you post an picture of it in the folded postition?
no it's all ready broken up but if you build it you can see it yourself
knex pkp! https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-pkp-pecheneg-cant-shoot/
There's no point in this one when we have firing models of the same gun.
Too true. S'up by the way!
It could have been a worse first post though.
Nice model!
you should put up a real fmg-9 for comparison

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Bio: i will leave this site so no guns anymore
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