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this is my custom fmg-9 this is my first gun that i am happy with and i didn't want to be posting vehicals all the time. so i am post this plez rate subscribe and tell me what you think about it. it only holds 1.


chevy62 (author)2010-10-02

Everbody the instructions are up i just got them put up.

TSC (author)2010-10-02


~KGB~ (author)2010-10-01

epik! 5*

chevy62 (author)~KGB~2010-10-01

thanks so would you like to build it. i am trying to make my mind up if i should post instructions

~KGB~ (author)chevy622010-10-01

i might give it a try... post i u wanna

chevy62 (author)~KGB~2010-10-01

i will think about it if others want it i just don't want to post it for one person.

~KGB~ (author)chevy622010-10-01


chevy62 (author)~KGB~2010-10-01

i might post it this weekend

~KGB~ (author)chevy622010-10-02

ok kool

~Aeronous~ (author)2010-10-01

Meh... it could do with a lot of improvement. It needs a mag, and it needs to be much longer.

chevy62 (author)~Aeronous~2010-10-01

the reson i built it was to make it as small as possiable and it still able to fire

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