Knex Folding Machine Gun




Introduction: Knex Folding Machine Gun

well sense i dont have the parts to make any other  fmg's i decided to make my own i know its not the best and im not claiming it to be so yea
edit: highest point so far 4.26 holy crap thats pretty good for a newb



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    Awesome! funny how its called a machine gun when it only is single shot! but anyway 5* cuz its cool!

    thanks im gunna give another go at it after i have some time to im gunna make it better

    HAHAHA!!! Your voice sounds like a seven year olds', and you claim you're 15?!

    Its pretty good, but it has a horrible trigger and it needs a mag.

    thanks yea i need help on the trigger part and i made a mag but its not that great

    Skype? I can make you a decent trigger easy,

    You need to learn. You have potential, which I want you to expand on.

    "You have potential" eye problems?