Knex Forklift 4 Wheel Steering





Introduction: Knex Forklift 4 Wheel Steering

About: hiya im millju i like building,making,designing and drawing things i play baskett ball, football and tennis.if you have any questions about my instructables then plz ask.i would also like ideas on what to bu...

hi this is millju this is my first instructable so if there is enough poeple who like it and want instructions bare with me thanks.



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    instructions available!

    this is great and can you please do the step by step instructions so that i can copy you and put it on the back of my 3 kg truck so that it will look awsome

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    im going to take it apart now and try an do it bare with me plz never done instruction bfore :)

    thanks m8 cheers :)

    cheers m8 :)

    thanks m8 :)

    Finally, new knexer that builds something innovative other than guns, Nice job man! Very detailed. Keep it going.

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    Hey I built the first exploding RC-XD, thats something innovative and its not a gun.

    thanks m8 :)

    Cool, you've got a steering wheel and seat and everything in there.

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    yeah cheers :)

    looks cool ;)