hi guys this is the instructions for my knex forklift hope you like it and please comment.also some credit to imperer for the steering he made for front wheels.i changed it quite abit to make it for wheel steering but his steering did help me a little so thanks to him.

Step 1: Front Axle and Steering Mech

Step 2: Back Axle,steering and Bits and Bobs

Step 3: Other Stuff and Front Bit

Step 4: Steering Wheel and Attatching the Front

Step 5: Back,top and Inside

Step 6: The Fork Lift Thing

<p>i made it</p>
<p>i made it</p>
<p>very nice to know.</p>
Very nice construction this week I'm going to build it. Do you have any more buildings ? <br>
Look on my account
I'm gonna build this when I have the time. Great build!!!!
nice but i was expecting something a little more *easy* <br>can u make it a little more easy??
haha i like complicated things have a look at my new instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-bulldozer-instructions/
I must confess I've always wanted to build something like this. I'm not very good at this kind of tasks but your guide has made me want to try. Congratulations for the detailed guide, it was very nice.
thanks dude appreciate it and made a bulldozer which i will eventually make instructions for after i have made it better :)
Very detailed and cool thanks!
cheers mate :)
Nice! it reminds me my childhood somewhat
oh right :) and thanks
That's good, it reminds me of the Lego fork-lift that I have (in it's component-parts...)<br> <br> <br> L
thanks again
That's good, it reminds me of the Lego fork-lift that I have (in it's component-parts...)<br> <br> <br> L
oh right thanks
congrats on getting featured!
thank you im really happy that it did :D
hey thanks for making instructions i will make this very soon as i have 7-8 things built at the time but this is at the top of my list, btw thanks for making such perfectly clear yet short instructions as this keeps the builder whomever that may be interested and engaged in the build. :)
no problem and thanks m8
thanks mate :D
Thats cool! <br> <br>5*
thanks m8 apriecate it
I don't mean to be meen but isn't the steering taken from<strong> imperer's super car?</strong> you should mention that somewhere, the forklift and the instructable itself is amazing though it deserves 5* easily :D
yeah ive put it above in the intro.and thanks m8
also connect the grey 1 way connecter to the blue rod that is attatched to the bottom left orange two way connecter (for last picture of step 5)

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