the instructions for the car R.H.I.N.O!!!!
this is the car of the future

(sorry for the bad quality)

Step 1: The Body

this is one of the most important part of the car

Step 2: The Seatings

the seatings

Step 3: The Side Part 1 of the Car

this is easy to build..

Step 4: The (i Don't Now How to Spell That in English)


Step 5: The Back Wheels

you can get this gear in a motor set

Step 6: The Steer and the Nose

pic 4..attach it on the body,sorry i forgot to make a attach picture

Step 7: The Front Wheels and the Side Part 2

pic 4. easy 

Step 8: The Person(optional) and Youre Finishd!!

the guy who died but is still alive!

the guy can be found in a rollercoaster set like screamin serpent

congratiolations you finished the car now try to hold it calm..
i like the be nice policy
how is it possible that nobody has commented since oct 27.?
I di now (cool)
hey i tried to break the world record ''no comments longest time''
nah just kidding you can comment as mutch as you want
still no comments since nov 24..
kool <br>

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