the ultimate future car!!

maybe i'm gonna post maybe not..;-)


this car has no motor only 1 rubberband and it has no steerin no suspension and it's a future car!

p.c.:my first selfmade car i've ever build i name it rhino becoase <<(wrong speld) look at the nose of the car:-D
XD THE CAR KILLED THAT GUY <br>YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH <br>OWNAGE <br>seriously, the car is pretty cool
if you want to build it go to my acc and instructions are there
SWEET<br>sorry for the late reply<br>i have had a LOT of other replies and have been preocupied
no prob;-)
have you done instructions for the car yet?<br>if not, i dont care that bad, im just interested because this could give me some ideas of my own and i have run out from all of the guns and stuff i have made<br>but i havent posted any cos my camera's broken
you build my car?
It is awesome! 5*'s <br>
thanks i'm making instructions for this car
i'm gonna make instructions for this car!
weirdest killing car I've ever seen. 4.5* for originality.
No prob. Try going bigger next time. ;-)
thanks! it's my first car ever build't!
no prob! its pretty kool

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