Knex Gatling Gun Fire Eye





Introduction: Knex Gatling Gun Fire Eye

This instructable will show you how to make a powerfule knex gatling gun that can shoot knex rods 20-30 feet

Step 1: Building the Barels

you will need 15 reds 2 red rods one gray connector one yellow rod one orange and 3 white fore each barrel

Step 2: Building the Base

You can build this base or you can build another if you like but this one is super strong.

Step 3: Finishing the Gun

Put the barrel on the base and load the gun with yellow rods and fire.
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    it need more info and picture
    I've made a 16 barrel Gatling gun it fire's 4 green rode each time it fire

    Only 8 Barrels? Thats Noobish........(but so is my spelling) A good Gataling or Chain gun needs at least 16 rounds! I am soon going to submit a 24 round gataling gun!!!

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    I've made a Gatling gun with 16 barrel's it fire 4 green rod each barrel

    cool this is one of my older gatling guns I am going to build another one better.

    i built thiss and i found that you should use green rods as ammo instead of yellow rods

    My parents got them from target seven or eight years ago for my birthday. I don't know if the cyber knex set is still in production. You can use one of the other knex motors though as long as it has a lot of power.

    i wanted them to make an rc car

    Cool try looking on ebay something might turn up.

    does anyone have the cyber knex software im having dificulties downloading it from the knex website

    please message me thanks

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    i made one that shoots 32 knex peices in less than 1 second

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    This isn't much of an instructable, It doesn't really "instruct" you how to do anything. Just shows pictures. Doesn't even tell you all the stuff you'll need. Try to add some instruction for the.......lesser......more incapable people. Believe me I know a few.

    I know this may sound stupid but how do I shoot it exactly?