Knex War Cannon





Introduction: Knex War Cannon

this is my first Instructable
it shoots up to 165 feet or 50 meters

what you need;

3 red rods
3 blue rods
8 grey rods
25 white rods
26 green rods

3 end connectors
3 yellow connectors
5 red connectors
6 green connectors
7 V connectors
10 snowflakes connectors
8 tanned clips

Step 1: Step 1:

build this

Step 2: Build the Wheel Base

you will need 4 large sized wheels

Step 3: The Cannon

the cannon

Step 4: Put It Together


Step 5: Step 5

shield thingy



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    cool, but what does it shoot?

    not really but it look betta

    he got banned for having pr0nz as his avatar.

    Because, like happybirthday said, he is banned. Your name gets crossed out, and you do not have permission to post comments.


    it is a thing you can do with letters not a ban.

    no, he got banned.

    so you need the exact number of peices to build it sexy123 0_0

    your rediculous you didnt even say the rite number of pieces

    i wish u would make another instructable with this cannon because this one isnt very clear because of its blurry pictures and it would be nice to build it because i love the instructable but i have no way of building it so please make another one. Please and Thank You!

    Yeah u really need A LOT!! Of more details for ur instructions

    add a step where you put it together! man!

    as in how good does it work??

    yeah how good . still great picture