Knex gears of war snub pistol and the new firing system of my chainsaw gun

Step 2: Make the mag

Picture of make the mag
this mag holds bleu rods
1 make
2 connect
3 connect
4 yee you got the mag
5 check

Step 3: Make the body and the trigger

this is the body of the gun
and the trigger
1 make
2 connect
3 add the mag
4 add the wall
5 add trigger mechanism
6 ensemble

Step 5: Make the the top side of the gun

this is the top side of the gun
1 make
2 connect
3 make
4 connect
5 connect
6 connect
7 check
8 ensemble
9 check

Step 7: Intro for the new trigger mechanism

Picture of intro for the new trigger mechanism
this is my new trigger mechanism make it and look how it works

Step 8: Make the new trigger mechanism

make the new trigger mechanism
1 make
2 make
3 make
4 ensemble
5 ensemble
6 ensemble
7 rubberband
DeViL Z4 years ago
trigger works but nothing else dose.. help pleaseee

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