this is my knex go-kart it has some legos to because i got them and i wanted to use them up and not get ride of them so here it is.
awsome dude i put an electric motor in it and it is AWSOME
Awesome!!!! :-D
thanks what did you rate.
A 5!!! Make an ible!!!!!
what is an ible.
Instructable = Ible
maybe i will think about it i will let you know if i do.
Plz! (Please)
i will get them up some time don't know when. i have been busy lately so maybe in a mounth or so. i hope to get them up by the end of august.
omg theres legos D:
those are the l.e.g.o.s that come with the k.n.e.x
ooh i forgot knex bricks!
Cool, 5*
thanks i hope i can more 5* so i can have a 5* instructable.
That would be cool.
yay i know that would ne cool. thanks for rateing it a 5*.
what does np mean.
No Problem.
ok i got cunfused.
LOL, ok np. Hey, I dont know if you play guitar hero or not, but I just posted a slideshow of my knex guitar hero guitar.
i play it with my friends.
do you know if i can buy one of thouse old motors at knex.com.
Maybe, if not try ebay. It has a red compartment for the batteries and a clear compartment that has the motor and the gears, and there is a wire connecting the two compartments.
what are they for top speed or torgue.
dude!!! its torque!!!!!
torque mostly.
ok i want somthing with mostly top speed do you know of any motors.
Ummmm, Nope, can't think of anything.
k but the only motor i know of is the green one that is it.
i want somthing with a lot of top speed because i race my friends with my motorized knex truck not the car the car is backup.
Your could try a remote control car motor.
will that work
It might, but you will have to use a remote control.
nice car:-)
thanks what did you rate and it is a go-kart.
my rate is 4.0 and i know it is a go-kart

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