Knex Golden Gate Bridge+instructions





Introduction: Knex Golden Gate Bridge+instructions

well, here i present the second version of my knex bridge. this one is a model of the famous golden gate bridge. it has two large support towers, and two railed roads.

Step 1: Instructions

the bridge has two pilars, they are equal, and 4 road parts are equal too.
part list:
gray rod: 160
red rod: 213
yellow rod: 448
blue rod: 86
white rod: 100
green rod: 40
white connector: 56
purple connector: 292
yellow connector: 361
green connector: 114
red connector: 728
gray (2) connector: 8
gray (1) connector: 70
orange (2) connector: 411
orange (5) connector: 21
rod end clip: 72
tan chain connector: 32
chain links: 376
total: 3215

Step 2: Pilars

Step 3: Road

you know: make 4 of these

Step 4: Cables

Step 5: Put Everything Together

now you can put everything together

Step 6: The Final Part.

you need this to connect both bridge parts.

Step 7: Well Done

congratulations, now you will know it's very big. :)



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    I wish I had enough knex to make this

    It's...GODLY!!! :,'D,',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',','

    Haha thanks :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    thanks it's over 26 red rods long :)

    Wow! Pretty impressive :)

    It's a smily with a hat

    thanks, you just gave my 222nd comment :)