This is the grenade it is hard to reload but you know. This is my first thing. It does a goodish spread. If the camera is blurry I'm sorry. p.s i you have build this and it is on this site soz for taking it

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i made on the spot when be came a member in other word WHEN I BECAME A MEMBER THAT SECOND I THOUGHT OF IT OK PLZ rate

Step 1: Stuff You Need

this is the right amount
6 white or 4
8 tiny green or black
2 white
16 green

Step 2: Cover

get 2 of the green connector and snap it in the green rod do it 8 times.

Step 3: The Pin and Then Finish It Off

follow the pic

Step 4: Hard Ammo

follow the pic after your done go to step 6 then step 5

Step 5: Very Important Points

when the pin is took out put it side way on you right or left hand

p.s if you have any idea send them to ill try to build them you have the credit

Step 6: Thing About Step 4

I liked this, it's just i don't use any of the white rods in the middle, i let the grenade itself do the job :D<br />
<p>I put red clips inside it.</p>
haha this thing is nice!!
<strong>STOP HAVEING A LOOK AT MY SHAME PEOPLE!!!</strong><br/>
when I tried to make this, it just fell apart in my hand. next time you need to better explain your Instructable, and you need to put them in order.
well who said it was good at all I might unpublished it PEOPLE WHO GOING TO TRY THIS DO NOT IT RUBBISH I MADE ON THE SPOT WHEN I BECAME A MEMBER so well it rubbish when I made it I didn't even how to build it back again
Kinda bad, the ammo falls out and it falls apart
I really don't get it. Mine just falls apart in my hands...
54 people so far not a single rate
I rated 5
thank you!!!
a sniper that uses 1 band and is small and uses small amount of parts bob
tell me if I should delete this
i_like_stuff is my brother FORGET ABOUT HIS COMMENT
you are a poopie head u copied lol
its been out before, but its cool
Where's the grenade?
I need answer should I keep it or unpublish it
dude ur gonna get slamed lol

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