Picture of knex guitar hero holder

This instructable will teach you to make a Guitar Hero controller holder. This is my 2nd in the household series and my first instructable is part of the series

edit this has reached over 100 views so thanks:D

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Step 1: The base part 1

Picture of the base part 1

when your done move to the next step:-)

Step 2: The base part 2

Picture of the base part 2
make 8 of these

Step 3: The uhhhh thing

Picture of the uhhhh thing
 do not know what to call it

Step 4: You are done

Picture of you are done

at last you put them all together. and just unsnap the rods at the top. to rock at Guitar Hero have fun:-)

~KGB~4 years ago
cupcake43 (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
thx and can you make one last instructable:-)
~KGB~ cupcake434 years ago
no problem! dunno...
Vynash4 years ago
Nice and easy 5*s!
cupcake43 (author)  Vynash4 years ago
Thanks for the sub! Subbed ya back =D
cupcake43 (author)  Vynash4 years ago
thanks i am very low on subs could u spread the word about my series
Maybe sometime I will =)