Introduction: Knex Gun: the Big Torture

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This is my new gun with clip on bullet and it shoots pretty hard.

Step 1: Build the Barrel

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This is the most important piece of the gun.

Step 2: Build the Firing Pin Handle and Get the Piece for the Bullet

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build the firing pin handle and get the piece for the bullet

Step 3: Have Fun!!!

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have fun


Cartuner55 (author)2007-06-09

what peice is the bullet clipper?

An Villain (author)Cartuner552009-07-09

ball-socket joint, do not use. replace with green connector.

An Villain (author)Cartuner552009-06-23

don't use bullet lock, use a red/grey rod and push it all the way back. the friction will hold it in place and it is much more energy efficient.

It's called a Ball-joint connector. It's black and is like the grey one slot only it's cut in half and has a joint to clip rods into.

actually ball socket but you have a point


dragonoid294 (author)2009-04-26

the damn thing does not work!!!!!!!!!

lunchboxrc (author)2008-03-30

what hes trying to say is people like high tech rifles and pistols and stuff

T.E.A. (author)lunchboxrc2008-06-30

not all of us the simpler the better for me i dont have that many pieces

Doctor Who (author)2008-05-28

No offense but.... the list (nice frame though)'nex-Gun_3/!/'nex-Gun/!!!/'nex-Gun-Mod/'nex-gun_1/?ALLSTEPS'nex-Spining-Projectile-Hand-Gun/'nex-Kannon/'NEX-UZI/'Nex-Gun/'nex-gun_1/'nex-gun-(this-ones-for-the-contest)/'nex-Gun---Quite-powerful!/'nex-gun/

And.. uh these ones are on here for obvious reasons.

happybirthday (author)2007-12-05

I made some awsome add ons for your gun should i post em?

foothead0 (author)2007-12-01

omg killerks gun is way easier to make his instructions are decent

robbingrogue (author)2007-11-24

......... another killerk gun..... bored of them

topspin (author)2007-10-20

Where do you find and get the piece that clips the bullet in place.Let me know where to find and get?

knex killer123 (author)topspin2007-10-21

u can get them off of occ bikes

stewmeat95 (author)2007-10-18

why do you all refer to killerk as a god so what if they what to show a different way to make a gun. ever if its a copy. they just want to know what people think. about now is when the be nice policy comes to mind

jochemlol (author)2007-09-29


Bright Shadow (author)jochemlol2007-10-14


firedude311 (author)2007-09-22


Lord Of Mystra (author)2007-09-12

VERY poorly written

dolphins42zaphod (author)2007-08-12

this is the first gun ive seen but all these harsh comments lead me to believe it sucks... jeez? whatev i think its an awsome copy design type thing... too bad ive never owned a knex in my life.

Cartuner55 (author)2007-06-09

cut off the end of the firing pin where the circles end: cut off the end of the firing pin on the right side of the screen augsut345 thats a waste of a grey rod! i only have like 6 and some guns you need exactly 6 to make it and if i cut this one then i wont be able to build them. cartuner55 PS: ppl stop making copies of killerk's gun

adamsdead (author)Cartuner552007-07-31

i h8ed killerks gun since he came out with it although i do like his mg

captianchase (author)Cartuner552007-07-31

never said u had to make it

augsut345 (author)2007-05-27

wtf killerks is so much more complicated i made an eaqsier version that shoots just as good

Mad Cat (author)augsut3452007-05-27

What? How is KillerK's complicated? Please, can you stop with your K'nex guns?

captianchase (author)Mad Cat2007-07-31

complicated by contrast, when i first started making knex guns 6 months ago it was complicated (for a couple of days)

ricky0207 (author)augsut3452007-05-29

killerk's, complicated? no way! its one of the most simple of simple guns on this sight!

oodalumps (author)augsut3452007-05-27

Dude no... just stop posting Knex guns.

knexster (author)2007-07-05

Dude...this is boring...we have said and "we" meaning every knex builder on this site have said to stop posting block trigger guns we know its easier then killerk's gun but thats what makes it even more annoying anyone with enough pieces can make this. You better shape up or your gonna be know as "Augsut the one who makes nothing but block trigger guns" Please stop this is your 4th instructable. Look around the site for ideas for a multi shot gun or become a legend by making the first true semi-automatic gun ever (considering mepains and oodalumps) Keep trying

captianchase (author)knexster2007-07-31

every is a strong word to throw around

augsut345 (author)2007-05-30

have you even built my gun!?!?!?!?! try it the talk crap about it

Mad Cat (author)augsut3452007-07-04

Look, we actually know that this gun performs flawlesly. The design is so simple, it will work every time. But here is the deal - why would we build this gun in particular , as opposed to the other 130 block triggers on this site? I'm sure that almost every block trigger has exactly the same results. That's why it is a waste of bandwidth.

captianchase (author)Mad Cat2007-07-31

never said u had to build it

bedbugg2 (author)2007-07-30

omg! make somthing new please! we only need 2 or 3 small guns on this site not 500! actually put in some effort and make a semi auto or any other inovative gun *sigh*

Mepain (author)2007-05-27


ricky0207 (author)Mepain2007-05-27

i agree

smidge147 (author)ricky02072007-05-27

i to agree

Mad Cat (author)smidge1472007-05-27

Of course I argee.

Darth Trainman (author)Mad Cat2007-07-05

I agree as well.

g12345389 (author)Mad Cat2007-05-29

i 5 agree

J-Unit (author)Mad Cat2007-05-29


Flie-Ing GOOse (author)smidge1472007-05-28

i 3 agree

Pbyrd (author)2007-07-02

Stop making fun of people making modified gun copies. Every country in the world makes modified copies of other countires guns!

altaria1993 (author)2007-06-26

you are right! this gun is a torture !

Knex Rules (author)2007-06-20

i made it negative 8 teehee

Knex Freaky Maniac (author)2007-06-17

What piece is the bullet clipper?

Kevio bro (author)2007-06-15

Wut does the bullet clip do?

09 monk (author)2007-06-13

i just mad e hand gun that made my hand bleed.

wussap (author)2007-06-10

Its an ok gun but youve got a low score on it because its just another copy out of the couple hundred copies of killerk's gun

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