Hey everybody this is my removable magazine pistol. It is awesome! It has 5 layers of k'nex. I pretty much did this because Blue Mullet2 said I should try to do it. So I did, and it turned out very good. So I hope you enjoy it! I made it as a Glock model though. It is awesome. Please comment, rate, subscribe! Enjoy!

Pros: removable mag true trigger comfy cons: the trigger moves a lot

My other gun links: K'nex pistol

Splinter I'm going to make a very similar magazine for my new gun I'm making soon :)<br>
<p>Awesome! I hope it turns out great!</p>
<p>Be safe in Halloween!</p>
This is a big step for you (don't take this the wrong way) this gun is the only good looking gun you have made in a while!! Keep pushing yourself to do new things and you will be very good!! I see rapid improvement in you keep it up!!!!
<p>Thank you man! No offense taken and I am glad you like it!</p>
Aw why did you unfollow me? Just asking y so I can improve :)
<p>Oh I did? I didnt mean too but now I am!</p>
oh OK ty :D
<p>No problem man! Sorry for the mix up. :(</p>
dw its fine ;)
<p>Alright ;)</p>
This patch thing you sent me...what is it? I can't find it lol (mobile) what does it do anyway?
<p>Oh it is just pretty much a gift. You can just look at it and feel joy! But it should be in your instructables inbox.</p>
of okay thank you:D
*oh OK thank you :D
<p>HAHAHA LOL! Dude you are a pretty cool guy you know that?!</p>
cheers :D you too m8 :D my first follower. I'm looking forward to more ibles from u :D I'll post more in about a month
<p>I am posting one today it is an smg with a removable mag. I hope you will like it It will be posted in a couple minutes.</p>
it's great!
<p>Thank you so much!</p>
<p>No problem.</p>
<p>No problem :D</p>
ty for following me :D I was writing Instructable ideas and I got an email to say I am being followed :-) Really nice gun it looks great!
<p>No problem dude! and thanks! But what was the idea? I am interested too see/hear about it.</p>
Hehe I have lots :D you will see soon. give it a month and there will be instruction for my ball machine(possibly) and I'll b posting lots of ibles :D
<p>Cool I will be waiting. Go on my account or search k'nex SMG because I just now posted it. So you should be able to see it right now. :) (if you want to)</p>
I like how the mag is in the handle :)
<p>Oh thanks man! (sorry for the late reply) :(</p>
Dw dude :)
<p>Thank you so much!</p>

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