Picture of knex gun of kewlness this gun is retro!!!
this shows pictures of my gatling gun i made which fires 8 piecies in a second

Step 1: Intro

Picture of intro
thee picture you see here is of the gun loaded
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RB185 years ago
cool gun plz make directions
Mathieu175 years ago
every body go see my new gun. just click on my pick and click on my post
I had made one like this once but it was smaller scale only had 4 barrels
360XXXKNEX7 years ago
hey why dont u actually make a instructable on how to make it
smidge147 (author)  360XXXKNEX7 years ago
well the pictures are very obvious. and it's an easy gun try using your mind for once.
its blurry so its hard to tell
because no one cares about making this thing
this was the first gatling knex gun ever dumbass
no it wasn't, just on this site. there are more guns elsewhere
smidge147 (author)  fobblewabble7 years ago
that's because people are frigging ignorant and dumb because this I think is one the most reliable knex gatling guns on the site.
PLEASE, sir, post this gun........
+1 its also more easier to build without alot of pieces
pls smidge1477 years ago
i like it:D check out mine.
dude that was majorly low, awsome desgin smigde!
agreed with kennyboy2
ca you make a side veiw of 1 barrel
yeah plz make an Instructable iwant to make one really bad
Does anyone think I should post this gun?!?
Picture 165.jpg
post it plz it looks great!!!
It's cock, load, shoot style. It hurts extremely bad and can penetrate cardboard.
Picture 165.jpg
Uhm... May be as powerful as mine?
looks kind of weak.
Make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that looks awsome make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Givadanger8 years ago
My Gun. 16 shots = 1 sec. i know ive said it alot, but see for urself.
C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\Knex Gatling Gun\Knex Gatling Gun 001.jpgC:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\Knex Gatling Gun\Knex Gatling Gun 003.jpg
why are there butterflies on the wall in the second pic?
who would swat butterflies smooth enough to plaster them to the wall though?
martha stewart?
i want to see her try.
I wish I had a video of that
yes, or the scientists that pin insects down, they learned that technique when pin prices went up.
i live in my grandmas old house. we havent changed anything about the house yet since we moved in so yea
when you run out of ammo,you lob that at them it would hurt more
wow, that looks solid, I really like that!
post man. Please?
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