Knex Gun (shoot BB's)




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Introduction: Knex Gun (shoot BB's)

hi guys!,
this is my new knex gun, it's very strong, comfy and shoot bb's.
the mag hold around 8 bb's, so have fun!



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    can bbs also can be small beads

    make instructions make instructions make instructions make instructions make instructions make instruction cmon i have enough pieces make instructions i rated 3 so untill you make instructions i wont give u a five make instructions make instructions

    If you do, i will help you mae a minecraft server forcraft bukkit 1.2.5 r4.0 build 2222.

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    This was posted 2 years ago. Just sayin'

    Awesome! Ive tried to make a gun like this before.

    would be better if it had a removeable mag but even though, you have succeeded in doing what I could not...

    it is a knex gun,nobody said a knex gun can't fire bb's.

    can you make instructions on this please

    make a better trigger.

    Man.. that's AWSOME make a vid plz!!!!! I wanna se it go!!!!

    i made this gun and it works really good

    whoever reads this message plz subscribe for knex gun builder and pass the message on. thanks =)

    plz make a instruction !!!!!!