it all started with tbos and a idea and this is what i got nvr finshed it :/ but its very easy to make
This is fat... I like it!
i have have a good name for it. ( AAR 8 ) [all area rifle] the 8 is a random number that sounds good with the name<br>
&nbsp;cool :)
thanks =P<br />
I'm gonna try and redesign the mag.&nbsp; <br />
its a great mag but it got weaker when i mad it bigger<br />
I know.&nbsp;&nbsp;Originally the mag was bigger but then I&nbsp;had to shrink it down because it kept making half the shots fly out each trigger pull.<br />
Nice oodammo <strike>pistol </strike> rifle.<br />
thanks =P<br />
not bad!<br />
thanks =D<br />
np<br />

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