Introduction: Knex Gun V2

Picture of Knex Gun V2

this is my v2 gun
19 feet average range

white connectors 18
yellow connectors 16
red connectors 2
gray one hole connectors 5
orange connectors 1

white rods 27
green rods 36
gray rods 1

rubber bands 4
hinges 1

Step 1: Make the Gun

Picture of Make the Gun

1.make all this
2. add white rods
3.add all this
4.add the other panel
5.add rubber bands
6. finish


sandroknexmaster (author)2013-04-02

What range does it have?

i can also do pace count

You could do that but everybody can see all the pieces in the first picture.

idk i can find out how many shots should i do

About 5, and then take the average.

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