Knex Gun With New Trigger & Sear System





Introduction: Knex Gun With New Trigger & Sear System

Assault rifle

31 red/dark grey
22 green
14 white/black
10 purple/silver
4 orange/brown
1 tan/dark tan clip
51 yellow/ light grey
16 grey clip
11 special black arm things
2 blue
12 blue spacers

2 black (rigid)
5 grey (flexible)
22 blue
20 white/silver
10 yellow/dark grey
4 red/tan
33 green/black pegs

Step 1: Firing Pin

self explanatory 3 dark grey connectors, 1 rigid black piece and a tan clip

Step 2: Back of Gun

some of the pics a re a little bright sorry about that

Step 3: Handle

enter longer description for this step

Step 4: Trigger

enter longer description for this step

Step 5: Scope & Trigger Slide

enter longer description for this step

Step 6: Barrel

enter longer description for this step

Step 7: Body & Body/ Back of Gun Connector

make 2 of these and you will also need 2 blue rods to connect them

Step 8: Front Handle Grip

Step 9: Putting It All Together

pic 1 attach body/back of gun connector to the body
pic 2 attach sear to the body
pic 3 attach back of gun to body/back of gun connector
pic 4 attach firing pin slide to body and back of gun and insert the firing pin
pic 5 insert trigger
pic 6 attach handle to body
pic 7 attach front handle grip to the barrel
pic 8 attach the front handle grip and barrel to the body
pic 9 attach scope to barrel

Step 10: Attaching Rubberbands

pic 1 wrap rubberband around front of scope
pic 2 wrap the same rubberband from pic 1 to the firing pin
pic 3 wrap another rubberband on the sear as shown
pic 4 wrap the same rubberband from pic 3 as shown

Step 11: This the Sear Sorry About That

enter longer description for this step



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    how far does it shoots..?

    I have 3 Q's. Here they are. 1. What is Sears System? 2. How does it work? 3. Are there anymore K'nex trigger systems out there?

    1)It has a lock for the firing pin behind the gun that holds it in place untill the trigger is pulled. 2) look above 3) There are about a gajillion k'nex trigger systems

    no, there are just 4. The block trigger, the true trigger, the sear system, and the hammer.

    fail. there are millions. rbg guns, and things like both of those in the 223

    i was talking about ram guns.

    even so there are many types of trigger.

     yes like the block/true trigger

    Another Way to get better pic quality is to use Macro-mode if your camera supports it

    or ASR, Advanced Shake Reduction.