Assault rifle

31 red/dark grey
22 green
14 white/black
10 purple/silver
4 orange/brown
1 tan/dark tan clip
51 yellow/ light grey
16 grey clip
11 special black arm things
2 blue
12 blue spacers

2 black (rigid)
5 grey (flexible)
22 blue
20 white/silver
10 yellow/dark grey
4 red/tan
33 green/black pegs
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Step 1: Firing pin

self explanatory 3 dark grey connectors, 1 rigid black piece and a tan clip

Step 2: Back of gun

some of the pics a re a little bright sorry about that

Step 4: Trigger

enter longer description for this step

Step 5: Scope & trigger slide

enter longer description for this step

Step 6: Barrel

enter longer description for this step

Step 7: Body & body/ back of gun connector

make 2 of these and you will also need 2 blue rods to connect them

Step 8: Front handle grip

Step 9: Putting it all together

pic 1 attach body/back of gun connector to the body
pic 2 attach sear to the body
pic 3 attach back of gun to body/back of gun connector
pic 4 attach firing pin slide to body and back of gun and insert the firing pin
pic 5 insert trigger
pic 6 attach handle to body
pic 7 attach front handle grip to the barrel
pic 8 attach the front handle grip and barrel to the body
pic 9 attach scope to barrel

Step 11: This the sear sorry about that

enter longer description for this step