Picture of knex gun
i made a modification to killerk's knex gun. so this basically looks different and i've noticed a few changes. look here to see and build. this is my first instructable please comment on how i did

Step 1: Start

Items list
*2 red
*1 black
*3 gray
*1 yellow
*18 green
*23 white
*2 orange
*4 brown (the small connectors with one connecting side and a pole sticking out of the side)
*4 K'nex men hands
*3 K'nex men arm socket joints
*3 dark gray
*2 black hinge pieces
*12 blue washers
Masking or duck tape (using duck tape might leave residue on your piece if taken off)
rubber bands (you will figure how many you want after i finish this instructable)

ok go gather these pieces and get back to the computer at once!
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pls7 years ago
what's the mod, different barrel?
kneecaps (author)  pls6 years ago
less recoil due to heavier barrel. sturdier stuff
pls kneecaps6 years ago
Knex guns don't have recoil O.o
I think he's referring to the jerk you feel with each shot in a powerful gun, which is, in fact, an effect similar to recoil.
coleslaw36 years ago
I hate this it's so $&:@;$& hard to put to gether 0stars not being mean but god waste of time if I can't put it together without cutting the he// out of my fingers
best answer ever .................... spaz
looks ok but next try to bulid a true trigger
2muchrubik6 years ago
pretty cool :D
gungecko7 years ago
ok tested again the gun held six bands! *pulls out two guns and breaks lightbulb* oops!
gungecko7 years ago
ive got another mod (sort of) of killerk's pistol. it is strong (holds around three bands) uses block trigger, and has two handles. should i post?
caseyu238 years ago
Did you know that 5/3 people have problems with fractions?
kneecaps (author)  caseyu238 years ago
lol 10/9? what? lol well thanks.
mousepadd7 years ago
the double barrels
C:\Documents and Settings\derek\My Documents\My Pictures\Dereks Pictures\Photo_110307_006.jpg
mousepadd7 years ago
C:\Documents and Settings\derek\My Documents\My Pictures\Dereks Pictures\Photo_110307_001.jpg
mousepadd7 years ago
Lolz, i made a double barrel handgun using KillerK's idea of the barrell and click on ammo
You're gonna go to jail and be good enoubh to where you order Knex out of that jail catalog, make this, and get a life sentence. Thumbs Up. Get-R-Done.Giggity Goo. Alll Riiiggghhht.
Shut up! You say that on like every knex gun instructable.
that was like half a year when i did that, calm down you spastic dog..... (picture)
kneecaps (author)  instructa-fan8 years ago
errr... what?
jli18 years ago
It's good, but a little hard to aim (compared to killerk's). 8 out of 10
kneecaps (author)  jli18 years ago
well i usually hold the barrel of the gun. to lessen recoil. it still has recoil but not as much. do u mean aim as in hit the target? or aim as in seeing where u wanna shoot? if you want a sight. get 2 of the knexmen hands. then just stick it at the front of the gun. it sohuld line up with the gray connectors on the back of the ram rod
jli1 kneecaps8 years ago
I mean aim as in hit the target. The bullet spins forwards when it comes out of the barrel. To help aim better (and not have to hold the barrel)you could build a foreward grip on the pistol.
kneecaps (author)  jli18 years ago
not that many ppl have that many white connectors lol. i dont. and a forward grip would probably interfere with the rubberbands
jli1 kneecaps8 years ago
I made one, and it doesn't interfere at all. I will post a picture soon.
jli1 jli18 years ago
Gun PictureThe library thing doesn't work so here is the link to the picture.
kneecaps (author)  jli18 years ago
well... its good but it ruins the whole "im a pistol look at me!!!" look... it looks like a fucking uzi now
jli1 kneecaps8 years ago
That's a GOOD thing! Jeez.
kneecaps (author)  jli18 years ago
well. i mean uzis are awesome i agree. but when u ruin another old look and its not even an uzi type gun its kinda like a wanna be gun. (wannabe gun=no no)
kneecaps (author)  jli18 years ago
lets see
jli1 jli18 years ago
You could also extens the barrel somehow.
jli18 years ago
My gun really tears up the rubber bands i use. Any ideas?
kneecaps (author)  jli18 years ago
well... what kind of bands u using? thick and wide? or one of the average bands that are really thin? also does it seriously strain the band to pull it back? i use the averagesmall thin ones, but i use like 20. u should also get new bands. most of the time they come really soft and slippery if new. dry and old ones dont work
crazyace818 years ago
i love how u put your vids in media player format
kneecaps (author)  crazyace818 years ago
lol hey thanks. by your logo i see you play soldier front. i do too. if you got xfire my username is flargr-bargr
actually i dont play, i got it of the internet
T-man8 years ago
kneecaps (author)  T-man8 years ago
lol thanks
i ran out of whites so i used about five yellows on the end but there was some space on the greys so i put orange connectors on each one with blues attached on the other side. between those blues i put a few yellows spaced apart and added a few extra rubber bands on the end. warning dont put sewing needles in this. i shot one and it went a good ten centremetres into our table leg wich is pine by the way.
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