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i made a modification to killerk's knex gun. so this basically looks different and i've noticed a few changes. look here to see and build. this is my first instructable please comment on how i did

Step 1: Start

Items list
*2 red
*1 black
*3 gray
*1 yellow
*18 green
*23 white
*2 orange
*4 brown (the small connectors with one connecting side and a pole sticking out of the side)
*4 K'nex men hands
*3 K'nex men arm socket joints
*3 dark gray
*2 black hinge pieces
*12 blue washers
Masking or duck tape (using duck tape might leave residue on your piece if taken off)
rubber bands (you will figure how many you want after i finish this instructable)

ok go gather these pieces and get back to the computer at once!

Step 2: Strart Building the Barrel

Picture of Strart Building the Barrel

Ok now that you have the pieces, you can take 3 white connectors and attach them to one gray rod like so

Step 3: Build the Ram Rod

Picture of Build the Ram Rod

Now start the ram rod. take a brown connector and attach it to the black rod. it is also recommended that you sharpen the end opposite to the direction of the pointing end on the brown connector. notice that it is a blunt end. DO NOT sharpen it all the way! this could cause a freak accident in which could injure someone.

then insert it into the rest of the barrel as see in the picture

Step 4: Rest of the Barrel

Picture of Rest of the Barrel

now add another gray rod onto the white connectors like in the first picture.

then add more white connectors like in the second picture. along with a socket joint

then add another socket joint on the same rod with the same direction. also add 3 blue washers onto the upper rod.

Step 5: Trigger System

Picture of Trigger System

Now we shall add the trigger system. take the 2 black parts of the hinges and attach them to the lower gray rod as in the first picture

then take one of the hands from the K'nex men and attach it to an orange connector. slip it on to the top gray rod and then add another blue washer after

Step 6: Complete the Barrel

Picture of Complete the Barrel

now add 14 more white connectors to the 2 gray rods. i used some black ones, but they are the same. they come in another set.

then add a brown connector onto the top rod and point the top of the connector towards the center of the white connectors

after that just add 2 more white connectors. you can also put a pointer at the front of the gun with a green rod attached to the top. this is optional

Step 7: Another Gray Rod

Picture of Another Gray Rod

now you must add a gray rod to the other side of the barrel. you have to add 6 blue washers to the part where the trigger is. i used gray washers. these also come in another set. they are the equivalent to 3 blue washers. (1 gray=3 blue). also add a socket joint to the front of the gun, clamp side attached to the gray rod we just added.

Step 8: Construct the Handle

Picture of Construct the Handle

ok now we are ready to construct the handle. take 2 red rods and 18 green connectors and assemble them like in the picture. when you build the handle, make sure that you attach one rod to the end of the green connector, and the other red rod goes on to the 2nd last clamp of the green connector. this is hard to explain. if you get the picture then good for you, if you don't then see the 2nd picture and you will. and ones again i used pieces from another set same effects, different color.

Step 9: Attach the Handle

Picture of Attach the Handle

now you must force the gun handle into the gun. attach the handle into the area between the 2 socket joints. just push it. there is no magic way to get it in there. make sure that when the gun is being pointed in your face that the flat side of the handle is on the right side. this is only for hand comfort reasons. you can also apply tape around the handle (optional).

the gun should now look like this (ignore the colors)

Step 10: The Ram

Picture of The Ram

Now get 3 dark gray connectors and attach them to the hands for the K'nex men.

then attach those pieces to the back of the ram rod pointing upwards.

after take 1 brown connector and attach it to the ram making the pole sticking in opposite direction to the barrel. then take an orange connector and attach it to the end of the ram like in the 3rd picture

then take a yellow rod and brown connector and attach it to the orange connector just as it is in the 4th picture

Step 11: The Rubber Bands

Picture of The Rubber Bands

apply the rubber bands to the ram from the sides of the front of the gun all the way to the back of the ram. when you apply it to the back of the ram, make it like a cross in the picture

Step 12: Trigger Rubber Bands

Picture of Trigger Rubber Bands

Now we must attach rubber bands to the trigger for an auto locking feature. take the band and push half of it through the gap next to the 2 gray washers and connect it to the black tip of the trigger. the other end goes onto the bottom of the handle and hangs on to the rod of the handle sticking out of the end.

Step 13: Finished Ram

Picture of Finished Ram

See the finished ram

Step 14: Voila!!!

Picture of Voila!!!

ok this is the finished product. the amount of rubber bands you put it up to you. don't blame me if you get snapped in the fingers or anywhere else. and i take no responsibility for any pain you cause to others. this is a powerful gun. it can shoot up to 200ft which is pretty far. i dunno about the fps. just guess hah. i give my thanks to killerk for inspiration and ideas, the old guy who make K'NEX for actually providing the experience, and me for getting out of my chair to actually build this thing. here is the link to get to killerk's original page,

this gun can shoot any type of rod, but the bigger they are, the more inaccurate. i suggest you use yellow rods, white rods, red rods, or orange rods. gray rods hurt too. but they are sort of inaccurate and they twirl in mid air, so the target might be untouched or hit by the flat side of the rod.

now for the changes while firing i have noticed.
*less recoil (meaning less screwy shots)
*a smooth sound (i just love it)
*the rubber band connected to the trigger is more protected
*and i put a little green rod on the tip of the gun for a second scope
*i can finally shoot any type of rod
*it shoots through paper and sometimes even tin cans (as in soda cans)

i know a good place to get targets and print them out look at

Step 15: Gun in Action

Ok watch this video to see the gun fire and shoot through paper. the rod sometimes hits at a side angle so it doesnt go through that easily but it can. i used red, orange, and blue rods. you can use and rod to shoot with this gun.


pls (author)2008-04-16

what's the mod, different barrel?

kneecaps (author)pls2009-02-16

less recoil due to heavier barrel. sturdier stuff

pls (author)kneecaps2009-02-16

Knex guns don't have recoil O.o

mettaurlover (author)pls2010-11-07

I think he's referring to the jerk you feel with each shot in a powerful gun, which is, in fact, an effect similar to recoil.

knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)2009-08-08

looks ok but next try to bulid a true trigger

coleslaw3 (author)2009-06-17

I hate this it's so $&:@;$& hard to put to gether 0stars not being mean but god waste of time if I can't put it together without cutting the he// out of my fingers

2muchrubik (author)2009-05-06

pretty cool :D

gungecko (author)2008-07-31

ok tested again the gun held six bands! *pulls out two guns and breaks lightbulb* oops!

gungecko (author)2008-07-31

ive got another mod (sort of) of killerk's pistol. it is strong (holds around three bands) uses block trigger, and has two handles. should i post?

caseyu23 (author)2007-07-27


El Barto (author)caseyu232007-11-07

Did you know that 5/3 people have problems with fractions?


kneecaps (author)caseyu232007-07-27

lol 10/9? what? lol well thanks.

mousepadd (author)2007-11-04

the double barrels

mousepadd (author)2007-11-04


mousepadd (author)2007-11-04

Lolz, i made a double barrel handgun using KillerK's idea of the barrell and click on ammo

instructa-fan (author)2007-04-29

You're gonna go to jail and be good enoubh to where you order Knex out of that jail catalog, make this, and get a life sentence. Thumbs Up. Get-R-Done.Giggity Goo. Alll Riiiggghhht.

Jill 32 (author)instructa-fan2007-10-27

Shut up! You say that on like every knex gun instructable.

instructa-fan (author)Jill 322007-10-29

that was like half a year when i did that, calm down you spastic dog..... (picture)

kneecaps (author)instructa-fan2007-04-29

errr... what?

jli1 (author)2007-06-13

It's good, but a little hard to aim (compared to killerk's). 8 out of 10

kneecaps (author)jli12007-06-13

well i usually hold the barrel of the gun. to lessen recoil. it still has recoil but not as much. do u mean aim as in hit the target? or aim as in seeing where u wanna shoot? if you want a sight. get 2 of the knexmen hands. then just stick it at the front of the gun. it sohuld line up with the gray connectors on the back of the ram rod

jli1 (author)kneecaps2007-06-17

I mean aim as in hit the target. The bullet spins forwards when it comes out of the barrel. To help aim better (and not have to hold the barrel)you could build a foreward grip on the pistol.

kneecaps (author)jli12007-06-17

not that many ppl have that many white connectors lol. i dont. and a forward grip would probably interfere with the rubberbands

jli1 (author)kneecaps2007-06-17

I made one, and it doesn't interfere at all. I will post a picture soon.

jli1 (author)jli12007-06-17

Gun PictureThe library thing doesn't work so here is the link to the picture.

kneecaps (author)jli12007-06-18

well... its good but it ruins the whole "im a pistol look at me!!!" look... it looks like a fucking uzi now

jli1 (author)kneecaps2007-06-18

That's a GOOD thing! Jeez.

kneecaps (author)jli12007-06-18

well. i mean uzis are awesome i agree. but when u ruin another old look and its not even an uzi type gun its kinda like a wanna be gun. (wannabe gun=no no)

kneecaps (author)jli12007-06-18

lets see

jli1 (author)jli12007-06-17

You could also extens the barrel somehow.

jli1 (author)2007-06-17

My gun really tears up the rubber bands i use. Any ideas?

kneecaps (author)jli12007-06-18

well... what kind of bands u using? thick and wide? or one of the average bands that are really thin? also does it seriously strain the band to pull it back? i use the averagesmall thin ones, but i use like 20. u should also get new bands. most of the time they come really soft and slippery if new. dry and old ones dont work

crazyace81 (author)2007-05-06

i love how u put your vids in media player format

kneecaps (author)crazyace812007-05-06

lol hey thanks. by your logo i see you play soldier front. i do too. if you got xfire my username is flargr-bargr

crazyace81 (author)kneecaps2007-05-21

actually i dont play, i got it of the internet

T-man (author)2007-05-13


kneecaps (author)T-man2007-05-13

lol thanks

randomaussie (author)2007-05-11

i ran out of whites so i used about five yellows on the end but there was some space on the greys so i put orange connectors on each one with blues attached on the other side. between those blues i put a few yellows spaced apart and added a few extra rubber bands on the end. warning dont put sewing needles in this. i shot one and it went a good ten centremetres into our table leg wich is pine by the way.

kneecaps (author)randomaussie2007-05-12

damn! 10cm. now this is officially a weapon! haha thanks for teling me the results of testing!

Wolfie42 (author)2007-03-24

Awsome evry time i post summet i normally get blanked (ignored) at last someone listened :) nice vidoe your bro turns to fast with the camara :D

High_me (author)Wolfie422007-04-07


kneecaps (author)Wolfie422007-03-24

yeah lol ty. and yes my bro turned too fast.

Mad Cat (author)2007-03-21

That's a lot of magnets on your fridge ;) It's a good gun!

kneecaps (author)Mad Cat2007-03-21

magnets whered that come from? thanks for the comment

kneecaps (author)kneecaps2007-03-21

oh i get the magnets thing. yeah theres a lot of magnets. their mym moms collection. i rarely break them tho. like one of em per year

Wolfie42 (author)2007-03-19

If you get a chance maby you could add a vidoe like shoot a stuffer toy or a pice of paper, just so show the gun working :P i havent made the gun but i hade killerKs and managed to shoot it nearly 250 feet :O!!!!

looks good man next time i ge tmore k'nex ill build as i have non left now hehe

i gto about 14 guns :O

kneecaps (author)Wolfie422007-03-19

kool. uhh well i dont know how to use the video camera. its not mine its my parents. i can video tape stuff but i duno how to get it into the computer. it uses like a tape i think. not digital

kneecaps (author)kneecaps2007-03-20

oh kool i just found out how to use it!! w00t. it will be posted today

kneecaps (author)2007-03-19

i have an idea on how to make an easy load for a gun like this. first i would replace the mid section of the barrel at the length of a red or orange rod. then i would replace those with the blue connector things. the ones that combine with the purple ones. i would take those blue ones and cut off the little parts in the middle to make it round. than i would put em in. then i would be able to just drop the rod into the barrel then fire. pretty good huh? but im too lazy to cut em. any1 wanna try plz do. just include thanks to me. tahnks

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