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Introduction: Knex V2cross Bow

there are 3 instructables on this one page 1) v2 cross bow 2) knex high powerd s3 cross bow and knex sling shot shot gun.

hope you like the gun,i do

(on the bow there are 11 red clips on each side)

the triger: the green clip on the bottem needs to be in frunt of the white bit other wise the triger will not work. 

Step 1: Knex S3 Cross Bow

iv just made this gun and i thorth i would make some  instructables for it  

since ive made this gun ive added a stock sites and i biy pod

Step 2: Knex Slin Shot Gun

this gun has lodes of power.

it is importent were you pu the bulliet when loding the needs to bo at the end of the barell pushed dwn on the tree white clips, make shore the bands are unde the two whit rods on the bulit then it should stay there by its self



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    FINALLY!!!!!!! The first one is the BEST Crossbow I have ever seen. IT has nice peice count, Sturdy, And slot of things. Overall 4.9 stars :D (IMO Nothing is perfect but this is about as clsoe as perfect can get)

    thank you for the crossbow. simple and effective

    make a stock for the v2

    the v2 was good

    change the HANDLE

    LOL, i love the v2 it is just F.A.B. PLZ make more of ur amazin weapons. :-)

    pics are too blurry, I would have made it otherwise but I can't see

    It would be really helpful if you put a download with all the photos inside for all of the people that don't have pro accounts.:)

    I like how some of these guns suck, and some are OK,
    but you say they're all good.

    2 replies

    lol i kno i do that too


    I agree...

    this thing is faster than my 300 dollar pellet gun lol

    it works, but it is not as powerful as an air soft gun.