should i post
2 weak elastic bands 30 foot +
true trigger
comfy handle
no mag
bad sights
better acuracy
more power
stronger top
Make an actual, strong frame for this, then remake the barrel and add a magazine.<br />
i so agree
it may not look it but it is very strong and hard to brake also a mag is virtually impossible to make i have tried and the best i can get is it all ways jamming and firing 2 rods
nice , but comparing mine and yours , i dont see how you can say this is beter&nbsp; - no offence or harshness ment <br />
almost there come a bit closer
is automag the name of the pistol in halo?<br />
in halo 3 odst yes
Right, I got Halo 3 but I never saw that pistol, that seemed odd<br />
thats cos its odst
yeah<br />
veryone if this reaches 3* i will post
its good, but you should try to make that thing on the front into a mag.<br /> i really like the true trigger!<br /> the middle looks a little weak, but you can strengthen it.<br /> fix it up a little then post it<br /> i rated 3.5 cause its not 4 star worthy yet but after you fix it up, ill change my rating to 4 stars :)
fixed up and better now come and check out
&nbsp;im here but it still needs a mag :)
ive tried every mag now wont work
tried last night to make it into a mag will try againg tonight
&nbsp;it should be aesy look arounf this site and you will find a good idea :)
Pictures won't show. Post em in a comment.<br />
I can see them.
it works now.<br />
<p>Uhh...I know.</p>
looks good<br />
Hmmm.... No.

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