i know this is a bit off, but, it was the best i can do to make this look like the shotgun in the game
hey waffleman, how's it goin'? quick question, do you mind if i use your (i guess) gun layout to mould this unto a pump action shotgun? with the underbarrel/overbarrel (can't remember which way it loads) tubular mag an all? i have a working concept atm, all i need is a few tweaks and band ratios and its all set
Yeah, thats fine, as long as I get credit, I dont mind.
yep, sure thing ^_^ i'll see what i can do :D
Nice! I do agree that it;s really just the mag that's problematic, but nice build other than that! I like Halo weapons as well, lol.
Lol, i dont play much halo anymore, im on call of duty :P, but i just wanted multiple rounds for this gun, but it sucked really bad XD
Bleh, CoD is so generic...I don't play many video games, but I love Halo weapons for some reason haha. I have to say that it looks good, though...better looking than what I've made :P
Lol :P
https://www.instructables.com/id/Some-random-stuff-Ive-made-and-a-poll/<br><br>told you, lol.
Lol :P
Lol :P
Yep :P
Lol :P
&nbsp;heres what u need to do to make it like the one from Halo:<br /> <br /> 1. get rid of the magazine and make a hopper.<br /> 2. try to add a pump if u can.<br />
sorry its gone now<br />
&nbsp;so u kept it for less than a month and then tore it apart...
its kinda what i do, make it, keep for about or week, more or less, then take it apart and make something new<br />
&nbsp;you could always buy new knex, i got loads of them i even made these guns:<br /> <br /> Halo 3 Plasma Rifle (by SoopahSteve)<br /> <br /> Halo Smg (its really the OMEN XR by DJ RADIO)<br /> <br /> Halo 3 MA5C (by someoneon youtube)<br /> <br /> Halo 3 Brute Spiker (forgot his name)<br /> <br /> Halo MFOG (Mini Fuel Rod Gun)<br /> <br /> Halo BR55HB SR Battle Rifle (by Dutchwarlord)<br /> <br /> Halo Spartan Laser (by RoboCrazy135)<br />
seems like you love the Halo series aswell
what's your favourite?<br>mines halo 3<br>i don't have Reach or Wars<br>:(
i dont own an Xbox but we usually go to our friends house and play Halo 3, he bought Halo Reach today so im about to play that<br><br>so im more of a Halo 3 fan
lucky, I REALLY WANNA GET REACH and Wars (obviously)<br>halo1 is good because it was an original, one of the only games like that.<br>halo 2 had better maps, gameplay and (i think) campaign<br>Halo 3 just pwns them all, best maps, campaign and gameplay<br>then ODST just kinda ruined it now
just played reach and its awesome now!!!!!!!
what's i like?<br>i've played the BETA but that's all i've played
well now you can sprint in the game (Only in certain Campaign missions, and Infection game mode) theres also more then just sprinting if you pick the other classes (yes theres classes now). Although i havent played it alot, you can probably find youtube vids about it
i know about classes, there's invisibility, jetpack, armour lock (yes, i'm British) and sprint for the spartan/ marine classes<br>i don't know about the Covenant's classes and i know a little bit about the campaign and i might be getting Reach for christmas (even though no-one out of my sister, brothers, mum or dad are religious) and i don't want Wars because loads of people are saying that it's not that good<br>I've played firefight with my cousin on Reach before aswell, it's pretty good
ODST is good because it introduced firefight
yeah, firefight was AWESOME, but the campaign wasn't that good<br>what's your gamertag on XBOX, i'll add you and then we can play Halo together if you want to
My gametag issssss. Dancycandytree. I'm about to change it to a clan I'm joining prob n Christmas it will be. xD oWnAgEpiEs
So you're not a fan of taking things apart?
&nbsp;now i do take them apart if i need to i mean come on i took apart 4 guns to make this gun:<br /> <br /> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Project_X_Knex_Rifle_V2/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/Project_X_Knex_Rifle_V2/</a><br />
have you ever seing bakenbitzspartan laser?<br /> so not here it is <a href="http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&amp;t=727&amp;start=0" rel="nofollow">http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&amp;t=727&amp;start=0</a>
the stock gives you thepower to enter in the duct tape tough contest! (lol)
&nbsp;btw the shot gun dosnt have a clip ... just to let u know<br /> <br /> <br />
i know it doesnt, i just didnt want the hopper cuz the way i had it looked ugly<br />
&nbsp;(removed by author or community request or for being a dork)
cool but iam making it right now this gun but iam going moding it with pump
&nbsp;cool. which gun? the Spartan Laser or the Shotgun?<br /> <br /> if the shotgun then plz make it so i can add it to my Knex Halo Collection<br />
the shotgun
&nbsp;YAY plz make it
nothing like halo one but good
i tried my best man<br />
it is exellent and i gave it 4.5* but its not like th halo one
ya lol<br />
Why's there a mag in your gun?&nbsp; You could make it look more like a halo shotgun by removing it.<br />
it was gone at first, but i could only use one shot at a time, and took a while to load, so i added it to the gun<br />

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