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this is the halo carbine in knex it shoots really far because I used killerk pistol meganism it looks very well
I don't actually post this gun only look


grimmjowking (author)2012-01-07

built and turned it into an odammoo rifle

dr. richtofen (author)2011-11-07

that comment is epicly wierd

james4 (author)2011-05-14

i five stared and faved

knex inventor (author)2010-09-21

this is the best halo gun since i built my brute spiker =)

spricer988 (author)2010-05-08


knex inventor (author)spricer9882010-09-21

thats what i would say

spricer988 (author)2010-06-18

y wont u make instructions

mr.guy (author)2010-02-26


post its cool

Seleziona (author)2009-10-23

someone's gotta make this, or else!

SonicX 22 (author)2009-03-30

is it a true trigger?

Raiden97 (author)SonicX 222009-07-04

umm no

KnexFreek (author)Raiden972009-10-18

 agreed dont post

SonicX 22 (author)Raiden972009-07-10


It's a true connected to a block.

oh cool (wish this was posted)

stopanator (author)2009-09-03

i like how the 4th pic shows the part wich shows how many shots there are (in the real game)

Landon Sullivan (author)2009-08-17

Nice, the Carbine has always been one of my favorite weapons.

Raiden97 (author)2009-08-10

why didn't i post mine? it had a true trigger (slide), a hopper, and it was life size

stopanator (author)2009-07-30

it does have true trigger

wildar97 (author)2009-07-28

hey dd darthvader can you say any thing and not get it deleted

Vynash (author)2009-04-13

it's okay.

DrWeird117 (author)2009-04-13

The "Gentleman" is Steve. ; )

DWeird: Gentlemen! Behold! The thermo...STAT!!!
Steve:...That's been there.
DWeird: OBSERVE! As I turn up the heat! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!*bursts into flames* No! WAIT!

DrWeird117 (author)2009-04-13

Yeah! Bowel movements. Yeah...

Vynash (author)2009-04-13

I'm sorry... It's not very hard to build just study the pictures and look at them carefully it's not very hard at all...

Vynash (author)2009-04-13


DrWeird117 (author)2009-04-10

LOL, touche. Thanks!

DrWeird117 (author)2009-04-10

OKAY! Back to the discussion...

Vynash (author)2008-07-24

just so everyone knows that I'm gonna build this off the pictures soon so I'm gonna post I have permission so don't yell at me.

DrWeird117 (author)Vynash2008-08-20

You can't build that off the pictures

Vynash (author)DrWeird1172008-08-21

yeah right?!?!?!?! simple!.!.! just click on the big pic and it becomes bigger

DrWeird117 (author)Vynash2008-08-22


Vynash (author)DrWeird1172008-09-13

I just did!!! should i post!

DrWeird117 (author)Vynash2008-09-13

long as you have permission

Vynash (author)DrWeird1172008-09-13

I do but it might take awhile

DrWeird117 (author)Vynash2008-09-13


Vynash (author)DrWeird1172008-09-13


DrWeird117 (author)Vynash2008-09-13

what are the specs

Vynash (author)DrWeird1172008-09-13

haven't shot it too much yet but I'd say's not weak and flexy 2.powerful 3.awesome 4.not shore on accuracy 5.good looking it's just awesome

DrWeird117 (author)Vynash2008-12-19

Is it posted?

Vynash (author)DrWeird1172008-12-19

Nope so sorry it has been gone for like 4-5 months :(

ILIKEPIE333 (author)Vynash2009-03-07

why did you not post it?

Vynash (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-03-08

Because I couldn't do it I had too break it (For my brothers knex coaster) It's understandable..

DrWeird117 (author)Vynash2008-12-19

Aw, come on.

Vynash (author)DrWeird1172008-12-19

Yeah I wish I could of posted but it was too solid to take apart for me for an Instructable :( And it had to be taken apart so my brother (The_Burrito_Master) had to use the pieces for the Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster he made.

DrWeird117 (author)Vynash2008-12-19


bounty1012 (author)DrWeird1172008-12-20


DrWeird117 (author)bounty10122008-12-20

Worded VERY wrongly.

bounty1012 (author)DrWeird1172008-12-20


DrWeird117 (author)bounty10122008-12-21

BM is bowel movement, otherwise, taking a s***.

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