Picture of knex halo carbine
this is the halo carbine in knex it shoots really far because I used killerk pistol meganism it looks very well
I don't actually post this gun only look
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built and turned it into an odammoo rifle
james43 years ago
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that comment is epicly wierd
james43 years ago
i five stared and faved
this is the best halo gun since i built my brute spiker =)
spricer9884 years ago

thats what i would say
spricer9884 years ago
y wont u make instructions
mr.guy5 years ago
post its cool
Seleziona5 years ago
someone's gotta make this, or else!
SonicX 226 years ago
is it a true trigger?
umm no
 agreed dont post
It's a true connected to a block.
oh cool (wish this was posted)
stopanator5 years ago
i like how the 4th pic shows the part wich shows how many shots there are (in the real game)
Nice, the Carbine has always been one of my favorite weapons.
Raiden975 years ago
why didn't i post mine? it had a true trigger (slide), a hopper, and it was life size
stopanator5 years ago
it does have true trigger
wildar975 years ago
hey dd darthvader can you say any thing and not get it deleted
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I'm sorry... It's not very hard to build just study the pictures and look at them carefully it's not very hard at all...
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it's okay.
Vynash6 years ago

just so everyone knows that I'm gonna build this off the pictures soon so I'm gonna post I have permission so don't yell at me.

You can't build that off the pictures
yeah right?!?!?!?! simple!.!.! just click on the big pic and it becomes bigger
I just did!!! should i post!
long as you have permission
I do but it might take awhile
what are the specs
haven't shot it too much yet but I'd say's not weak and flexy 2.powerful 3.awesome 4.not shore on accuracy 5.good looking it's just awesome
Is it posted?
Nope so sorry it has been gone for like 4-5 months :(
Aw, come on.
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