This is my full halo spartan suit made out of knex. There is 2 lower legs, 2 upper legs, 1 chest guard, 2 lower arm, 2 upper arms, a pair of armoured pants, and a helmet. there is also an energy sword that i made really quick, so its not that good.
no offence but that is the worst knex suit i have ever seen and that is no customization of halo armour<br>
5 years into the future... <br>Well could you do better? Exactly. It captures the shape of the actual items quite well and is a great set of armour
wow, your nice. <br>
this is so cool! I think ages ago (before I had Instructables) I built the sword :)
This isent that great.
I know :(
it's still really innovative. i like it :3
Really cool I made the chest plate but I need the instructions for the helmet<br/>
Is it... Is it wearable?
SO WHAT, WHY DO I CARE!!!!!!!!!!!
STOP SPEAKING IN CAPS LOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hypocritical much...
hey i think its alright yh it minght not be as good as most of the ones ive seen but at least its a start and you will be able to work on it and make it mutch better :) likeing the helmet tho
Cool Armor <br>
Thanks, although I'm working on a better set right now.
haha,, i build one for my little brother, he plays war with his friends, and he's wearing this costume al the day XD <br><br>p.s. my english is not so good, srry
Thanks, this one isnt the best but its alright i suspose.
wheres the instructions
there are none
still its nice armour good job<br>
pretty cool
not a spartan suit but is cool
Doesn't look like a spartan suit unless you were just going for the &quot;Energy shield&quot; effect.
yeah, I know its a bit crap i didnt have many piecesleft to make it but i do like the helmet though.
what ever
its ok
There's better out there. Work on the arms and legs.
your right, it is not that good

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