a br like dmr(designated marksman rifle)i made. mainly for looks as it is a rbg. but its sturdy has a bipod and workin on a scope that mounts well on it.
XD 1 Layer thick.
Im quite certain you can tell its 5 from the pictures...
Lol, one month and 4 days late.
2 things to say the 1. DMR is from Halo Reach not Halo 3 2. The DMR is the 'cousin' of the Battle Rifle
yes i know the DMR isn't in halo 3 .but i this started as mainly a br that wasn't 100% a br also i meant DMR as Designated Marksman Rifle.
Uh... Yeah, I don't know what you're trying to say. Basically what he said, really.
lol i have that as my screen saver.!!!!!
u gonna posts??????
No sorry its not to hard to build if you want ill just make the sides cause the rest of it is pretty east to build.
2 questions :1 does it work: and two if it does work please make an instructable
id does but its a rubber band gun but if you don't mind that then ill just rebuild the major parts and post'em here cause its actually really easy.
&nbsp;ok forget my last comment about &quot;and the gun also had a scope&quot;.<br /> <br /> didnt read that u said it had a detachable scope.<br /> <br /> but can u include a pic with the scope (Unless u took it apart)<br />
&nbsp;looks great but heres 2 changes:<br /> <br /> 1. the front on the rail had a curved rail going to the gun.<br /> <br /> also the gun had a scope<br /> <br /> and if i can find my camera, i will show you my MA5C AR (a Halo 3 Assault Rifle)<br />
Not bad! But the looks could be better. Maybe you could try making the front portion larger next time, and change the trigger.
I dont think it was intended to look like a BR.<br />
According to the title, it is :-)
It says &quot;Like&quot; which means it resembles it unintentionally.<br />
nope it was supposed to but i wanted it to be more like a long range dmrand after building rememberd a dmr is gonna be in reach
&nbsp;Very nice! 5 stars!
not bad! 5*<br />

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