Knex Halo3 Battle Rifle Like Dmr




Introduction: Knex Halo3 Battle Rifle Like Dmr

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a br like dmr(designated marksman rifle)i made. mainly for looks as it is a rbg. but its sturdy has a bipod and workin on a scope that mounts well on it.



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    Im quite certain you can tell its 5 from the pictures...

    Lol, one month and 4 days late.

    2 things to say the 1. DMR is from Halo Reach not Halo 3 2. The DMR is the 'cousin' of the Battle Rifle

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    yes i know the DMR isn't in halo 3 .but i this started as mainly a br that wasn't 100% a br also i meant DMR as Designated Marksman Rifle.

    Uh... Yeah, I don't know what you're trying to say. Basically what he said, really.

    lol i have that as my screen saver.!!!!!

    No sorry its not to hard to build if you want ill just make the sides cause the rest of it is pretty east to build.

    2 questions :1 does it work: and two if it does work please make an instructable

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    id does but its a rubber band gun but if you don't mind that then ill just rebuild the major parts and post'em here cause its actually really easy.

     ok forget my last comment about "and the gun also had a scope".

    didnt read that u said it had a detachable scope.

    but can u include a pic with the scope (Unless u took it apart)

     looks great but heres 2 changes:

    1. the front on the rail had a curved rail going to the gun.

    also the gun had a scope

    and if i can find my camera, i will show you my MA5C AR (a Halo 3 Assault Rifle)

    Not bad! But the looks could be better. Maybe you could try making the front portion larger next time, and change the trigger.

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    I dont think it was intended to look like a BR.

    According to the title, it is :-)

    It says "Like" which means it resembles it unintentionally.

    nope it was supposed to but i wanted it to be more like a long range dmrand after building rememberd a dmr is gonna be in reach

     Very nice! 5 stars!

    not bad! 5*