well built, sturdy, decent range, few parts

Step 1: Inside of Barrel

 just make it, dont forget the cut orange connnecter

Step 2: Out Part of Barrel

just make them

Step 3: Trigger

 just make it

Step 4: Top Rail and Drive Pin Etc


Step 5: Handle

 just build, look closley, dont miss anything

Step 6: Putting It Together, and Elastics

yay, yur done, dont forget to rate and comment!
 this guns barrel was to narrow when i made it : (
in the making my gun barrel was bent
it is anoying <br>
Cool!<br /><br />It shoots green rods right?<br /><br />4.5*
it can shoot any
&nbsp;it can shott watever you want
rubbish spelling
Hey, you dont need to post a brand new comment when you want to reply to someone.<br /> All you need to do is click the '<strong>Reply</strong>' button in the bottom right had side of the person's comment that you want to reply to.<br /> <br /> Anyway, seems like a cool gun! 3*
Needs:<br /><br />-Bullet lock<br />-A new trigger with the blocker moved back<br />-An oodammo mag.<br /><br />3*<br />
looks cool!<br />
&nbsp;I'm seen better, but this is pretty good.&nbsp;<br />I might build later. :D

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