Introduction: Knex Hand Gun

Picture of Knex Hand Gun

well built, sturdy, decent range, few parts

Step 1: Inside of Barrel

Picture of Inside of Barrel

 just make it, dont forget the cut orange connnecter

Step 2: Out Part of Barrel

Picture of Out Part of Barrel

just make them

Step 3: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

 just make it

Step 4: Top Rail and Drive Pin Etc

Picture of Top Rail and Drive Pin Etc


Step 5: Handle

Picture of Handle

 just build, look closley, dont miss anything

Step 6: Putting It Together, and Elastics

Picture of Putting It Together, and Elastics

yay, yur done, dont forget to rate and comment!


a-dog14 (author)2010-01-25

 this guns barrel was to narrow when i made it : (

legogunman (author)a-dog142013-01-03

in the making my gun barrel was bent

legogunman (author)2013-01-02


legogunman (author)legogunman2013-01-03

it is anoying

chopstx (author)2009-10-12


It shoots green rods right?


legogunman (author)chopstx2013-01-02

it can shoot any

k-man101 (author)2009-10-15

 it can shott watever you want

legogunman (author)k-man1012013-01-02

rubbish spelling

Hiyadudez (author)k-man1012009-10-18

Hey, you dont need to post a brand new comment when you want to reply to someone.
All you need to do is click the 'Reply' button in the bottom right had side of the person's comment that you want to reply to.

Anyway, seems like a cool gun! 3*

DJ Radio (author)2009-10-13


-Bullet lock
-A new trigger with the blocker moved back
-An oodammo mag.


~KGB~ (author)2009-10-12

looks cool!

Raikou-san (author)2009-10-12

 I'm seen better, but this is pretty good. 
I might build later. :D

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