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Introduction: K'nex Dune Buggy Toy

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I made yet another toy and will be making more. If someone could please tell me how to make a group it would be a big help. Ok back to the dune buggy i made this one on the spot and want to share it with you guys. if you have any mods please tell me so i can make it better.

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    Show me how to build it! Comon!

    show us how to build it stupid

    you can enter anything i think

    Eligible means "not legible". LOL. I know what you're talking about, but it's not what I meant.

    nope eligible means it works or is acceptable for entry illegible is unreadable

    no illegible means not legible eligible means that you have a chance at something such as in "I am eligible to win this contst"

    a) no photos b) you click submit and then group

    yes, not really odd but overly complicated so it seems