it's fun to launch stuff with this hand-held launcher. also includes launchable item.

Step 1: Launcher

this is the launcher

Step 2: This Is the Launchable Item

make this

Step 3: Launcher and Launchable Together

put these together and throw. launchable item will slide out of launcher.
Am I being punk'd?!
sadly no
What does this do?
You put the launchable item in the launcher, throw, and the item flies out of the launcher.
this is an instructable with out the instruct...
We should get Dj to look at this, the amount of abuse this guy will get...
lol, that would be funny! im puttin u in my top 10!
Same with you on mine!
What is it? How much effort did you put into this?
Uber meh.
you shouldn't have posted this, if you want to post something, the first thing you need to do is think about it: Is it really worth posting, are people really going to build this?

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