my first attempt at making both an instructable and a knex gun with a true trigger,plese comment.

Step 1: Pieces

33 yellow
2 snowflake
4 black/orange
1 brown/tan

4 red/green
2 yellow
2 blue
3 white/grey

Step 2: Handle

first part is very easy just attach 12 yellow pieces to a red red or green rod then insert the other down the middle

Step 3: Barrel

the barrel is easy as well just attach all but 5 yellow pieces onto another red rod and one the bottome attach two snowflake pieces about 3 pieces apart then attach as shown

Step 4: The Trigger

this is the all important trigger (props go to mapain for the trgger idea)

Step 5: Putting It Together

in this youll see how to assemble the pieces
pretty cool
are you the real killer k or some stupid kid who wants to feel important
click his name.killer k has more then 1 instructable. and doesnt he have an avatar?
he did yesterday, before he left
I like it and it's made well but i just can't get the trigger mechanism , could you please explain it to me , thank you.
how far does it go
ever think about turning it into a rifle?
This gun does not work. all it does is bend the firing pin.
pretty cool nice trigger
thank u and i was making it at night =P<br/>
hey a gun with a sear system and good first instructable
I cant really see anything, you might want to take pictures with better lighting.
Cool trigger.

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