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Introduction: Knex Handgun

About: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)

this is my fourth knee gun of this site it looks very well.
it shoots about 50 feet (if you have strong rubberbands 75 feet).
the upgrade is a red dot sight.
sorry but it has no magazine.
it can shoot green/white/blue and yellow rods.

look at the part list for start to make the gun

don't forget to rate and post a comment if you want to now something

Step 1: The Barrel

this is a difficult step to create it spend a lot of time

Step 2: The Handle

there are to handles:
the small handle
the big handle
the small handle can be used for people with small hands
the big handle for people with bif hands

Step 3: The Trigger

this is a true trigger mechanism
sorry but you have to destroy 1 orange connector

Step 4: The Back Side

this is the bach side

Step 5: Connect All the Parts

connect the trigger/barrel/handle and the back side together

Step 6: Upgrade Red Dot Sight

this is a red dot sight

Step 7: Rubberbands

add rubberbands



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    the handle wont go on for me
    but the gun looks awesome

    If this is your fourth, what is your first, because on your page, you only have your Sniper and P90 before this.

    what is the point of this handgun? it has no mag, so the slide action is totally uneccessary if you need to front load the bullet, there is no need to have a slide because it does not auto load if you look at pretty much all of the slide action handguns, they all have mags but, if you cant put a mag on this, I will not keep bugging you with this on the plus side, it looks frikin awesome!

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    I don't like it....(i might be building it wrong, but i doubt it)...I get a bulge around the white connectors that hold the handle, which is putting stress on the yellows that hold the trigger mounting. Also, the short draw is a bit of a hamper...i put really strong rubber bands, and it snaps the firing pin. to weak, and it barely leaves the barrel.....................just right, and it doesnt go 50 feet....about 10, actually....looks great though, iand i do like how the trigger works (broken pieces...oh wellz, had plenty of those!) Good job on the design though

    ya it looks... ...tough, smooth, ect.

    i like how you made it look like tat

    Looks good, check out my guns.

    yes, knee guns are very good:P

    ples show us how t o build it

    i think i might try to put it a mag a make it a slide gun

    Idk if i should tear apart my XM8...i